Prospecting Goals in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

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In today’s commercial property market, you as a commercial real estate agent really need to be prospecting on a daily basis.  When you do this correctly, you will create a pipeline of opportunity with both property owners and tenants.  Over time that then helps you build your career and income.  (NB – you can get…

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What Makes Your Commercial Real Estate Agency Relevant to the Client?

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If you were meeting with the commercial real estate client today and they asked you a question as to why they should use you and or your agency services, what would you say?  Most agents or salespeople will give a fairly generic and bland answer when it comes to that question. They will say something…

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Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to List Commercial Property Today

city view, listing skills.

When listing commercial or retail property today it is important for you to get all of the necessary facts on paper, and for you to completely understand the property and the property owner.  (NB – you can get plenty of commercial real estate listing tips in our free Snapshot program right here) Whilst this may…

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Commercial Real Estate Agency Client Service

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In commercial real estate agency today it is easy to get tied up in the problems of the market and forget exactly who you act for.  There is only one client in a commercial property sale or lease, and that client will pay your commission based on success and results achieved.  Everyone else in the…

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Commercial Property Management Tips to Strengthen Your Agency

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In a commercial property market like that which we have today, the factors of property ownership and control get pretty challenging.  For this reason your commercial and retail property managers become a key point of difference in your business.  With the right marketing effort your property managers can be a business opportunity for you and…

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The Right Sales Presentation in Commercial Real Estate Agency

city view, listing skills.

When it comes to winning a commercial real estate listing today, it is essential that the property presentation is correctly geared for the client and the subject property.  Elements of the prevailing property market will also have factors and concerns to feed into your sales pitch. Here are some rules to ensure that your sales…

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Commercial Real Estate Agents – Tools to Build Better Market Share

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In commercial real estate agency today, market share is one of the most important factors that you must watch.  Top agents dominate the market and have the best market share.  It is a matter of where you sit in relation to the top agents. When you build your market around you with the right tools,…

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Commercial Property Agents – How to Qualify Industrial Property Tenants

Industrial warehouse

The best way to enter the commercial property market as an agent or salesperson is perhaps at the level of industrial property.  That is because industrial property is easy to understand and not overly complex when it comes to leasing or selling.  NB – You can get plenty of tips in industrial property leasing right…

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Authentic Database Systems in Commercial Property Agency

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In commercial property today, the database system that you use will give you the opportunity to build market share and future commissions.  Unfortunately the database process does require daily attention and accuracy to detail. Salespeople are typically not well suited to the task of looking after their database and will avoid data entry at each…

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Automated Cold Calling Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

commercial office warehouse building prospecting ideas

In commercial real estate today, the prospecting process that you adopt will help you dominate your territory and convert more listings.  Part of that prospecting process should include cold calling.  NB – you can get plenty of prospecting ideas for commercial real estate right here. Many commercial agents and salespeople struggle with the cold calling…

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Presenting and Pitching for a Commercial Property Management Appointment

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Commercial property management is a special field in the property industry.  The same if not more can be said about retail property.  The property managers that work on these property types should be well chosen for their skills and or trained for the skills that are needed.  NB – you can get plenty of commercial…

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Top Skills for a Commercial Property Manager Today

city view for commercial property management

In commercial property management today, the skills of the property manager need to be relevant and well applied to the particular asset.  There is no doubt that skillful commercial property managers are in short supply.  There is a significant difference between the processes in residential property management and commercial property management.  Any property manager moving…

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Retail Shopping Centre Managers and Property Agents – What Makes a Tenant Retention Plan So Important?

escalator in shopping center

Tenant retention plans are essential to the performance of a Retail Property today.  They help stabilise the existing tenancy mix and help you optimise the market rental across the entire site. A tenant retention plan can be a specific strategy to adopt as part of your retail property management processes and leasing support.  It should be…

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Rent Strategy in Commercial Property Leasing

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There are many ways to look at rent in any commercial property investment.  Whilst every lease will have a starting rent many other factors in the lease are more important to cash flow.  It is the rent over time that really matters from an income perspective in a lease of investment property and not necessarily…

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Commercial Property Leasing – Rental Income Growth Tips for Leasing Agents

When we lease commercial or retail property today, the income factors can be improved initially through good lease negotiation, and secondly a strategically sound tenant retention plan. The leases are something that will set the rules regards occupancy on both the tenant and the landlord.  That is why the leasing expert for the property should…

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