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Here are 3 more topics on audio for commercial real estate brokers around the world. 1. How to improve your cold calling processes in commercial prospecting, 2. How to deal with call reluctance, and 3, How to track your numbers in prospecting and why you should do that. These are commercial real estate audio programs…

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Quality Conversations and Key Questions in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Conversations are the foundation of new business opportunity in commercial real estate brokerage.  In any small or seemingly insignificant conversation with a client or prospect there can be some points of leverage and future property need to tap into. Quality questions help strengthen the flow of a property conversation.  Cross selling of services can also…

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Market Transparency in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Leads to Listing Success

Whilst most commercial real estate clients and particularly property owners may claim to have a good knowledge of property in their local area, they are likely to lack a full understanding of just what is happening with prices, rents, and marketing activity.  You can help them with that. I like to call the concept a…

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Adaptable Website Strategies that Really Work in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

So many commercial real estate agents and brokers struggle with website and internet marketing.  They just don’t know what to do with their website other than list properties for sale and or lease.  Given that most agents do the same thing, there is nothing of consequence to make an individual brokerage site stand out. The…

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A Blueprint for Rental Growth in Commercial Property Management

high rise city buildings

Most property management clients are looking for rental growth over time and a stable property investment as part of that process.  In any property with a variety of tenants in occupancy, it pays to have a plan of property improvement, rental escalation, and leasing activity well sorted before the beginning of the financial year.  Every…

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Important Issues to Consider in Industrial Real Estate Leasing

In leasing an industrial property, take the time to fully understand the attributes of the asset and the rental and leasing requirements of the landlord.  There are sometimes unique circumstances and special occupancy issues to consider and merge into the leasing process.  The tenants that you talk to will have plenty of questions and you…

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