Sales Force Automation in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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It has always been known that a sales team effort rather than an individual effort in commercial real estate brokerage will produce better results in both listings and commissions.  The entire team can cover off on a complete area of properties and a number of property types.  It directly follows that the client base and…

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Why You Should Never Blend In

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In commercial real estate brokerage there is no point in ‘blending in’ to the property market and the industry.  Ordinary agents with little profile always struggle to be seen and or remembered; that has a direct impact on listing and commission conversions. It’s a busy industry.  The prolific real estate competition in most towns or…

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7 Business Goals and Objectives for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Each year the commercial real estate brokerage market changes, and as part of that you need goals to stay on task and on track when it comes to achieving results in your real estate business.  Luck does not have much of a place in our industry.  Goals and targets on the other hand have a…

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How to Help Your Commercial Real Estate Clients Find Better Property Solutions

Some properties are better than others in commercial real estate investment.  The elements of property performance are unique in every city and will shape investments over time.  When you get to know your clients in a comprehensive way you can really help them match their property choices and needs to their investment targets.  That’s where…

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Tips for Reputation Management in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As you work in commercial real estate you will soon understand that those agents and brokers with good quality reputations and ‘track records’ of success are usually those that continue to thrive in any property market and at any time.  The reason for this is simple; the clients that they serve want the best agents…

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Property Presentation Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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In commercial real estate brokerage, you will be pitching and presenting your services to different people and across different properties.  You will not win all of your competitive presentations, but you should win most of them. (NB – you can get more property presentation tips in our Snapshot program right here – its free) Top…

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Commercial Real Estate Leasing – Perceptive Tenant Canvassing Tips

In commercial real estate leasing, you need lots of tenants on your database. Without that foundational fact supporting you it is very hard to get traction in leasing premises locally. Talk to tenants every day and systemize the process so you are working the streets, buildings, and business types. You have to be perceptive and…

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Broker Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Listing Overload

From time to time in commercial real estate brokerage you will get busy with listings.  The important thing here is that you are busy with the right property listings and not just a ‘jumble’ of ordinary and random open listings. When the property market is ‘firing’ you must have your listing stock; when the market…

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A Snap Sales Prospecting Model for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you take over a new area or merge your professional property services into a new commercial property type, you must have a prospecting model to take you forward.  The business just ‘doesn’t happen’ if you know what I mean.   A specific prospecting model should help you to find more listings and more clients…

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Cold Calling Techniques in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

If commercial real estate brokerage is your industry and your career, then you should understand that cold calling is a fundamental business skill that you will need to master and implement.  The longer you take to get these skills under control, the longer it will take you to get into your property market and build…

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Key Principles to Know About Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Letters

Prospecting letters are useful in commercial real estate brokerage, but in a stand-alone analysis they do not work very well solely in generating new business.  They are time consuming and costly.  Conversion numbers are low when you simply look at marketing letters sent with no other interaction with prospects and clients.  You need to do…

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