Capable and Comprehensive Landlord Reporting in Retail Shopping Centers

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Most retail shopping centres today are complex, active, and challenging.  There are many things to work through and control in an ongoing way.  A successful shopping centre will usually be a fine balance between tenant occupancy, income generation, customer service, and marketing.   A shopping centre manager is the person to create that balance.   The landlord…

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240 Commercial Real Estate Online

commercial real estate broker podcast

In today’s program, 1. Why a vacant property is a great brokerage opportunity, 2. Creating engagement in property presentations, 3. Designing your new business prospecting engine, 4. How to solve a listing shortage, 5. What you must know about commercial property leasing. Commercial real estate training by John Highman. MP3 File

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How to Go Above and Beyond Your Competitors in Commercial Property

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Real estate and property brokerage today is competitive, and commercial property is no different.  The levels of brokerage competition around in any town or city will push you to the limits, especially when you are pitching for a listing or a client.  Sometimes there is a temptation to offer discounts or incentives to clients to…

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Poster – Growth Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are a few important things to remember when you start looking at your commercial property market and the opportunities that exist in it. Its the time of year where business plans are already active and results should be happening.  Perhaps you have some key performance indicators to watch and assess?  No matter where you…

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How to be a Commercial Property Leads Pro

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Every agent wants to find more leads in commercial real estate in their town or city.  A lead generation model helps that happen.  Think about the last 12 months in your industry and in your property market.  How were the listings and leads for you?  Did you get better leads than your competitors?  The quality…

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How to Solve a Listings Shortage in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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You should never have a listing shortage in commercial real estate brokerage as long as you plan your activities and work with focus.  There are always listings available in most towns or cities for the taking.  The question is can you find them?   Are you getting your fair share of listings within your defined territory?…

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The Cold Hard Facts of Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

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When you work in commercial real estate brokerage the prospecting process will be critical to the results at you achieve in sales, leasing, or property management. Cold calling will be part of that business strategy and results process. It should be the central part of how you reach out to new people locally and efficiently. …

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How to Create a Marketing Plan and Branding Solution in Commercial Real Estate

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In commercial real estate brokerage today your brand is twofold and highly important.  Firstly, you have the brand relating to the business that you work for, and secondly you have the image associated with your personal efforts and client base.  In simple terms, you need to successfully consolidate your property business message on both platforms…

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239 Commercial Real Estate Online Podcast

commercial real estate broker podcast

In today’s program, 1. The best networking events to attend, 2. What to know about your commercial property market, 3. Setting priorities in investment sales, 4. Working with commercial investors. Commercial Real Estate Training & Coaching. MP3 File

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Seeding Ideas with Your Property Clients

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In commercial property today, some of your clients may struggle to understand the variables available in working with any challenge across sales, leasing, or property management. You can productively approach any property challenge and provide an array of alternatives for the client to consider. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our…

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Distinctive Negotiation Strategies that Really Work in Commercial Real Estate

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The process of negotiation in commercial real estate brokerage is both traditional and predictable. You can learn from other listings, clients, and brokers when it comes to the negotiation process. It should be said that you can never really know everything when it comes to a property transaction and what the client may be thinking.…

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Clear Cut Questions and Answers to Explore with Your Commercial Real Estate Clients

special report asking questions in commercial property

There are many different concepts and services to be explored with your commercial property clients.  The big and important issue here is that you are experienced enough to probe their property challenges.   In this special report I give you a number of important avenues of new business and commission opportunities to look into. You will…

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Full Coverage on Telephone Prospecting for Commercial Property Agents

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The telephone is an important tool when it comes to commercial real estate client contact and brokerage activity. You can use the telephone to a strategic advantage each and every working day. It can save you a lot of time, and help you move to the next level of activity in your real estate business.…

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How to Ask More of Yourself in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

real estate broker performance report

In commercial property brokerage, there are many challenges each day to work through.  This is particularly the case where you are growing market share and new client lists.  Eventually things start to take shape and your foundation of new business can be there for you to work on over the long term. So what is…

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Simple Formulas to Follow to Find Your Ideal Commercial Real Estate Market

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As you move through the commercial real estate year, understand the market conditions and the pressures and changes that apply locally. Look for the opportunities, and work with the best clients for the location. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends in Commercial Real Estate Online Snapshot to help amplify…

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How Common Failure Stories Can Give You Marketing Leverage

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In commercial real estate brokerage, a few ‘failure stories’ and ‘failure examples’ will give you some valuable leverage with clients and prospects.  In simple terms, they will start to listen to you. Look around your location and review all the listings that are out in the property market currently; many examples of property failure and…

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How to Get the Hard Stuff Done First in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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There will always be new property challenges to work through every day with property listings and clients in commercial real estate. Behind every property challenge there will be a potential commission opportunity to be worked on and converted. Some property transactions are easier to convert than others so some discretion and choices should be considered…

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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Call it as you see it with Stale and Redundant Listings

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Some commercial property listings stay on the market for too long.  They are promoted poorly or inadequately.  The end result is something that just about every potential buyer or tenant has heard about.  So why is the property still on the market anyway? What’s the issues? Most stale or ‘dead’ listings are created by a…

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