How to Model Yourself on Other Top Commercial Real Estate Brokers

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As you move through your commercial property career, you will come across some top agents and brokers who are seemingly consistently clever and professional when it comes to picking the right clients and the listings.   There are some things that you can learn there. When I refer to other ‘top agents’, I am referring to…

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The Key Elements to Know in Researching Your Commercial Real Estate Market

hong kong harbour

I am still in Hong Kong, and just ending a workshop series on “Strategic Property Leasing” in both CBD Office buildings and Retail Malls across Asia.  It was a great program with some good quality ideas evolving about how we can work for Landlords at an advanced leasing level. My focus in Hong Kong was…

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The Importance of Attracting Quality Business in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

client report for commercial real estate brokers

As I talk with many different commercial agents and brokers around the world.  I see the age old problem of daily diversions and distractions. Currently I am in Hong Kong running a workshop on Commercial Leasing.  Its interesting to note that the property industry is not that much different country by country.  Sure, the market…

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The 5 Cold Calling Commandments that Work in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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A lot of new agents and brokers in commercial real estate today struggle with the cold calling as part of a new business generation model. That is simply because they fail to master the process.  They do not recognize that prospecting via the telephone is an essential part of the property business; they then do…

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The Quickest and Easiest Ways to List More Commercial Properties

city buildings by river

Time is one of the most valuable resources that you have in commercial real estate brokerage. On that basis you need to do the right things with the time that you have available each and every day.  Listing generation is part of that pressure.  Some ways of finding listings are much better than others. (N.B.…

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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Why you must own the commercial real estate product and strategy

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As you progress through your career in commercial real estate brokerage, the listings that you create exclusively will always generate far more enquiry and better levels of business over time. The simple concept here is that you must have control of the listing product and the client; you must ‘own the listing product’ professionally. (N.B.…

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How to Reinforce Your Commercial Brokerage Successes with New Listings and Clients

city scene of buildings

When you get something right, or when you have converted a ‘win’ as a commercial real estate broker with a listing or client, talk about it and spread the word.  One good listing or a transaction is a reason to talk to other local people in a relevant and specific way. The people that we…

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How to Break New Ground in Commercial Property Management

city office building

There are a couple of things about commercial property management that should be said here.  Firstly, the segment of the industry is very lucrative as a source of sales and leasing brokerage business over the long term.  Secondly, the property management services required today in servicing a client are comprehensive. (N.B. these ideas are also…

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Podcast 241 – Lead Generation Tips for Brokers

commercial real estate broker podcast

Here are some lead generation ideas and tips for commercial real estate brokerage. Commercial real estate training by John Highman.    There are many ways to look for property leads and those all important listings and clients.  Importantly, every agent or broker should have a process that funnels leads into momentum and contact processes.  Here…

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How to Lift Your Commercial Landlord Services to the Next Level

city buildings

In commercial property management and leasing today, it is important that your landlord services are refined, specialized, and accurate. Too many mistakes can be made when it comes to leasing, rent collection, and vacancy management. The larger the landlord portfolio, the greater the complexity of service.  Get your services to the level where they are…

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How to Bust onto the Scene in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

man holding 8 ball

It doesn’t matter where you work in commercial real estate today, the same rules apply when it comes to priorities and business focus. You simply need to understand how to focus on clients and listings and then take action.  A lot of agents and brokers struggle with that requirement.  You could say that they lack…

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The Key Rules to Inspecting Office Premises for Lease

In this special report on office leasing, I have covered some of the key factors that will help you inspect office premises and convert the tenants in that inspection to go to the next level in interest.   When you have a good quality office building or tenancy to lease, take that listing and covert more…

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How to Look at all Marketing Alternatives in Commercial Property Sales

special report alternative commercial real estate marketing

When you have a commercial property to sell, the promotional and marketing process is quite important.  A lot depends on if  you can convert some vendor paid promotional funds as part of the listing, and then how those funds are to be applied.  When you have some money to apply to the promotion of the…

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The Celebrity Status that Generates More Commercial Real Estate Listings

business man walking

In commercial property today you will find many different ways to generate listing stock consistently and successfully.  You need a number of those strategies working for you constantly so that the pipeline of exclusive listings continues into the future. You could say that it’s a bit like creating your personal ‘celebrity status’ as the ‘go…

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Booming Business Ideas in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

business man smiling

There are various things that you can do when it comes to growing your commercial property brokerage activities locally over time.   You can do those things consistently and effectively over time.  Every broker and agent should have a marketing plan dedicated to that focus, and that plan should be activated every day.  At a personal…

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