How to Successfully Condition the Client to Property Market Facts

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Some listings will sell or lease faster than others.  In saying that, the facts and feedback that you can put to your client will help in conditioning their thinking to the trends of the local property market.  If you have an exclusive listing, then you should devote time to it and the client owning the…

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How to Increase Your Commercial Real Estate Sales with Better Business Relationships

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In commercial real estate brokerage, the relationships that you strike with local property people, owners, investors, and developers will help you greatly with your market share for the long term.  Understand that fact, and you will know how to improve your real estate business over time.    In one way, you become the ‘local property specialist’. …

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How to Piggy Back Your Commercial Property Listings and Retain Control of the Enquiry

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One well directed and structured commercial property promotion can lead to good inbound enquiry, and an ability for you to ‘cross over’ suitable enquiries into other listings and locations.  If the initial enquiry was not fully satisfied on the first listing be prepared to talk about your other listings and locations.  Keep the enquiry moving…

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How to Lease Vacant Commercial Properties Faster

industrial warehouse and office

To lease a vacant commercial or industrial property effectively and fast you must have a few strategic ideas and actions underway.  Don’t just list the property (or vacancy) and hope that the people will call and inspect.  It doesn’t really work that way today.  The competition is always out there influencing tenants and moving the…

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How to Write Commercial Property Adverts that Can Convert More Inbound Inquiry

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In commercial real estate today the adverts that you create and publish should be special and unique to the location and the property type.  You really only have one chance at pulling in the interest of the reader to your property listing in your target market. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly…

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How to boost your sales results in commercial real estate brokerage

city building with sales words applied over

The opportunities in commercial real estate sales are always available for the astute and active broker or agent to tap into. A strategic plan of approach, professional skills, and marketing activities will help any agent or broker get traction and improve results.  Sales and listing results all lead to commissions over time.  Strategy is important.…

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The Prospecting Secrets of the Rich and Famous Commercial Brokers – Report Download

city buildings and property report download

The prospecting landscape in commercial real estate brokerage requires firstly understanding and then commitment.  There are always new ways to find and attract new clients, and a few of those systems should be personally developed and shaped by each and every broker.  Don’t wait for the local people to call you about listings and market…

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How Much Information Should You Provide in Your Listing Pitch in Commercial

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Your listing pitch is just so important in commercial real estate brokerage.  You will only have a short period of time where you can show your ideas and confidence in resolving the client’s property challenge.  Soon your competitors are likely to be talking to the same client and giving their ideas in a new and…

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5 Steps to an Inquiry Generation System for Brokers and Agents

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Like it or not, every agent or broker must have an inquiry generation system that opens up the potential of a listing with a good number of inspections, offers, and property conversions.  I say it’s a system because it’s a personal way of approaching the market and the issues that are going on locally. Without…

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How to Build a Successful Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business

two business men walking and talking

So you want to establish a commercial real estate brokerage?  There are a few issues to look into and resolve, plus plenty of opportunity.  Local area coverage is one thing, but a full understanding of the property market and the competition is really important if you want to get some traction in building your business…

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How to Choose the Right Cleaning Contract in a Retail Shopping Center

shopping center performance

Many a shopping center manager would know the challenges of specifying, tendering, and negotiating a cleaning contract in a shopping centre.  There are many things to investigate and watch for as part of establishing the new contract.  Without careful consideration errors can be made in expenditure and presentation that will impact the operations of the…

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The 5 Essential Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Marketing

marketing quote on city scene

When you have listed a commercial property for sale or for lease, the marketing process will be critical to the outcomes that you achieve. When you have a good property to sell or to lease, the message has to reach the target market effectively and directly; that’s your job. The tools that you use in…

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The 9 First Steps for Your Commercial Real Estate Career

office property

You can do very well in commercial real estate today if you are prepared to take on the challenges of professional skill development, property knowledge, and market awareness. There are many different career paths to take, all of which involve the different property types, investment types, client profiles, and property improvements.   You could say that…

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Commercial Real Estate Snapshot Podcast 259

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In this podcast the topics are, 1. How to attract clients – a fresh approach, 2. A look at warehouse site selection, 3. A guide to online marketing in commercial brokerage, 4. How to focus your listing presentation. – Commercial real estate training and coaching programs by John Highman. MP3 File

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5 Exciting Steps to Help You Grow Your Commercial Real Estate Career Faster

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Momentum is really important when you start your career in commercial real estate brokerage. Professional skills and local area knowledge will also help you with that required momentum. You will need a base plan to achieve the results that you are seeking over time as an agent or a broker. One thing to remember here…

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How to Choose the Right Listing Source in Commercial Property

commercial real estate city skyline

As an agent or broker should have a few good listing systems as sources of new business.  In commercial real estate, the levels of listing activity will change during the year and will the levels of local business and investment sentiment.  Through all of that you really must have a few sources of listings driving…

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The Real Purpose of a Listing Enquiry in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

woman with umbrella and person standing in background

When you have a property listing inquiry coming in your brokerage, it has to be captured correctly, documented and satisfied effectively.  Some agents and brokers don’t do that very well and loose the opportunity to take the matter further. The message here is that your inbound inquiries should be carefully optimized; that is each and…

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Cross Selling Examples in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

3 business people talking

As you speak to new people in commercial real estate today, be prepared to talk about the various opportunities and changes in the local area, making sure that your ideas spread across the different disciplines in the industry. Most particularly do that with sales, leasing, property management, project leasing, and project development. You are the…

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