Critical Systems for a New Property Manager to Take Control of an Investment Property

property manager report

Commercial and retail property management systems are very important in the investment performance of an asset.  The ‘handover process’ similarly so. Property managers of commercial and retail buildings today are very skillful and should be so; they have to know so much about property operations, lease documentation, tenant selection and management, and asset performance.  (NB…

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Six Direct Marketing Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

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In commercial real estate brokerage, the direct marketing process really does work when you have the right listings and you work across specialized segments of the property market. You can find a lot of new clients, listings, and transactions through direct marketing.  Are you up to the challenge?  So here are some ideas to help…

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The Components and the Opportunities of a Commercial Lease Renegotiation

lease renegotiation report

Having worked on the leasing of many large commercial property investments over the years, I look at a tenant mix and the corresponding lease documents quite deeply as part of a tenant retention strategy and lease renegotiation opportunity.  If you really work through a building, the tenants, and the leases, there are many things that…

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How to Keep Your Cool When the Commercial Property Market is Difficult

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The commercial property market will shift and change many times throughout the year. There will be peaks and troughs in property performance and availability within certain locations and within certain property types. Your property zone or territory will be under change.  The interests of investors and tenants will also change throughout the year.  (NB you…

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Get All the Facts on Sales Team Meetings and Targets Planning

sales team report

In commercial real estate brokerage, the sales team meetings will typically happen on a weekly basis.  Targets will be discussed and matters will be reported.  You can do a lot with your sales meetings especially if you are controlling a large territory of properties and a comprehensive client portfolio.  The message here is that you…

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How to Simplify Your Commercial Real Estate Career with Brokerage Checklists

checklists report for commercial real estate brokerage

There is something here that I want you to understand and use as you proceed with your career.  I am a great believer in checklists in commercial real estate brokerage. They are a breeze to use and will help you convert more business.  NB – You can get our special reports on Commercial Real Estate…

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Commercial Snapshot Podcast 262

city at night

In today’s podcast, John Highman covers practical ideas and facs in brokerage, property management, and leasing.  Learn the best ways to improve your brokerage focus and momentum.  You can get the audio program below: 1. Ways to simplify your career in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage for better results, 2. Tips for pricing property management services,…

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10 Ways to Find Prospective Tenants for Your Commercial Property Investment

city building leasing strategies

Tenants are the lifeblood of a commercial property.  When you make the right choices with placing a tenant, you are stabilizing the asset for the long term and boosting the investment potential from the property.  A good tenant can do many things for the investment over time. (NB you can get our leasing and brokerage…

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Essential Marketing Feedback to Make Your Services More Successful – Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

office building

Every property listing will have elements of marketing response that are worth sharing with the client as the property owner.  If you have covered the target market comprehensively in the campaign and the promotion, then the responses you are getting back from the advertising is worth considering and comparing to other listings. (NB – you…

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A High Quality Commercial Property Presentation is Easier Than You Think

commercial buildings in sunset

When you meet with a client or a prospect in commercial real estate brokerage, you are very likely to have only a short period of time where you can present your ideas and strategies about their property or property challenge.  N.B. – You can get our free online Brokerage eCourse here. Engaging the client in…

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Do It Yourself Sales Pitch Secrets for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents – Report

listing pitch secrets.

I have spoken about pitching for listings in many different ways over the years, across sales, leasing, and property management.  Relevance is the key to attracting the clients attention and conversion of the listing. Practice will also help you with that important equation.  NB you can get all of our special reports as we send…

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Stress the Benefits of Listing with Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city view, listing skills.

When you pitch and present your listing strategies to a client, are you clear and precise about how the client should move ahead with you and why that is the case?   Help the client see that you are the best solution to their property challenge; be special and real to their situation and property asset.…

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A Simple System for Leasing More Commercial Property

leasing tips for city buildings

The leasing process in commercial property today does not need to be complex. If you’re looking to identify more local leasing opportunities in your town or city, there are certain things that you should do as part of establishing your system of contact with both landlords and tenants. They need your help, and they are…

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A Handy Guide to Lead Generation in Commercial Real Estate

lead generation.

Leads in commercial real estate brokerage are really important for every agent or broker.  Look at your property market today and see if you have your fair share of property leads.  The competition will always be there chasing new business, so your lead conversions are really important.   Need help?  NB You can get our free…

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A Valuable Listing Checklist Template for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

city at night

When you pitch for a commercial property listing, your preparation and information gathering process prior to the event will be critical to the conversion of the new business.  Through preparation you can cover off on all of the right issues that could have an impact on the marketing, inspections, and negotiations relating to the listing. …

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Cold Calling Formula by Numbers for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

woman holding telephone

Cold calls are the easiest and best way to build your real estate business.  Commercial property owners and business leaders should be called every day.  If you are not doing that, then you are ‘leaving money on the table’.   (Note – You can get our free coaching on commercial real estate broker prospecting here.) Special…

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Creating a High Level Needs Analysis with Retail Shopping Center Leasing and Tenant Mix Assessments

escalators in retail shopping center

When it comes to managing and leasing any retail shopping centre today, it is quite important to undertake a needs analysis within the tenancy mix on a regular basis. That needs analysis will take into account the location factors of the property, the investment requirements of the landlord, the tenancy mix challenges, and the interests…

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How to Write Successful Commercial Property Advertising

office building

In commercial real estate brokerage every good quality exclusive listing should be directed at a particular target market. In that way you can optimise the enquiry and the inspection opportunities.   Every property advertisement should be tuned to the target market and the local market conditions.  That’s your job!   As the property specialist, you…

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