How to Enrich Your Commercial Property Management Fees

commercial property management chart

The strategy behind growing commercial property management fees will always be something separate and different to the commissions and the fees that you can get from sales and leasing activity.  Any real estate brokerage business plan and team structure should consider the different fee types and the unique strategies required to grow those channels of…

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How to Tap into the Enormous Earnings Potential of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city buildings at sunset

If you have chosen to work in commercial real estate sales and leasing, then you will soon know that there is an enormous potential for improving personal earnings and commission growth over time.  Strategies, systems, property knowledge and personal commitment are all elements of the equation for each agent and broker. (NB – you can…

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The 9 Critical Sales Skills in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

office buiding and car park

There are certain skills in commercial real estate brokerage that you do need to work on and improve over time.  They are the critical sales skills that evolve at a personal level, and they exist across sales and leasing activity. (NB – you can get more sales tips and ideas for commercial property in our…

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Easy Cold Calling Techniques in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

real estate cold calling chart

When you work as a broker or an agent in commercial real estate, you need plenty of contacts and property listings to work with. Over the period of each year, there will be a good number of changes in the industry and within the location. Through all that volatility, you will need to maintain a…

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Clear Cut Sales Presentation Tactics in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city scene of buildings at sunset

While every client in commercial real estate is potentially different; you need some base tactics to use in your sales presentations particularly when it comes to attracting and converting listings.  Those core tactics will help you with the client conversation or the sales pitch; the results are then easier to switch.  You could say that…

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The Benefits of a High Quality Commercial Property Management Team

city buildings at sunrise

A high-quality property management team is a good thing to have in any commercial real estate brokerage.  In referring to a team of ‘high-quality’, I mean people with the appropriate management skills and knowledge for the location, the clients, and the property types. Good property managers are hard to find and the best ones are…

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Creative Marketing Strategies for Commercial Brokers

city buildings at sunrise

When you have listed a commercial or retail property for sale, the real work starts.  The promotional campaign is the ‘make or break’ strategy to pull in the enquiry.  You are the person to build the promotional strategy and make it work. (NB – you can get plenty of marketing ideas in commercial real estate…

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Attaining True Independence in Commercial Property Management

Plumbing and taps in commercial property management

There is a certain ‘attainable mass’ of properties in commercial or retail property management that will seem to create its ongoing portfolio growth momentum.  Getting up to and beyond that point is the focus for many brokerages.  (NB – you can get plenty of commercial property management tips in our Snapshot program right here –…

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The Importance of Working Tenant Advocacy Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city buildings on rivers edge

When you look at the property leasing market in any town or city, there are tenant advocacy opportunities to be worked.  In saying that, it is always preferable to work with the larger tenants and the better quality properties from the position of a ‘tenants advocate’.  Smaller tenants can waste your time and your money. …

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Ways of Improving Customer and Client Conversions in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

resources in commercial real estate brokerage

As you work with ever more property types and clients in commercial real estate, the challenges will always be there in the local property market when it comes to closing on a listing, a marketing package, or a transaction.  Everything essentially comes down to your ability to effectively communicate your ideas to your clients in…

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8 Ways of Mastering Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Market Share

city buildings at sunrise

When you consider your town or city, there will be zones allocated to you as a broker or agent, and those zones will be for generating specific new business in commercial real estate sales or leasing.  The zone or territory doesn’t need to be too big, but it does need to contain reasonable levels of…

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Faster Ways to Create More Commercial Property Sales

city buildings under construction

It is a fact that commercial property sales are generally cyclical as part of the overall investment cycles available to property investors today.    There will be peaks and troughs in the property market in any town or city, so a broker or agent should know how to read the ‘cycles’ of investment, occupancy, and development.…

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3 Facts to Improve Leasing Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city buildings on river - leasing strategies report

When you think about it, there are plenty of commercial property leasing opportunities in most towns and cities.  A leasing transaction can and usually will put you in front of business owners and landlords.  A single leasing transaction today can open up into many other things over time; it is just a matter of who…

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Guide to Commercial Real Estate Buyer Attraction

advertising and marketing report by John Highman

In commercial real estate brokerage, the property buyers for a location will be valuable in creating inquiry, inspections, negotiations, and contracts.  The key question is ‘How do you attract plenty of buyers for a property listing?’   When you have database that is loaded with carefully selected and nurtured buyers, then you have a good chance…

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How to Make Profitable Cold Calls in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city scene book cover showing cold call efficency

As the commercial property market changes, technology evolves and grows.  The telephone is now even more critical as a business tool than ever before.  Just about all your clients and prospects and clients have a cell phone or office location.  Your job is to do the research, get the number of the person or the…

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Report – How to Create More Listings with Better Proposals

city buildings on river

When you are pitching for a listing, be it in commercial property sales or leasing, there are many things to cover-off and talk about with the client.  At the top of the list will be the client’s property and their immediate challenge.  There are things that you must know as part of that process.  (NB…

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10 Ways to be Relevant and Real in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

City view at night

Exactly why would people see you as relevant and different as an agent in commercial real estate brokerage in your town or city?  It is an important question to consider and answer.  If you are looking for more clients and listings, then the answer simply must be there, and you should believe it.  You are…

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The Brokerage Future is in Top Salesperson Reward and Remuneration Packages

city buildings in sunrise

In commercial real estate brokerage, the members of the sales team are a big part of creating the considerable income for the business from clients and listings.   So, how do you find the best people for working in sales, how do you encourage them, and how do you keep them?   They are big questions that…

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