How to Cultivate Your Market Share in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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If you want to win more business, listings, and clients in commercial real estate, then you should implement a ‘farming’ process where you can cultivate relationships with the right people and across the right property types.  Some of those relationships take months if not years to bring in the results, so establish the process of…

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Commercial Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts

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Telephone prospecting in commercial real estate is so important for all brokers and agents through their career.  Make more calls, and practice the process.  In this audio program below, John Highman shares the ideas behind making this new business process a key strategy in winning clients and listings. If you are looking for more listings…

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Hot Buyer Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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In commercial real estate brokerage, you need to treat every buyer with selective commitment.  Ask the questions first with any enquiry.  You need to know what they are looking for when it comes to property, timeliness, location, improvements, and budget.  (NB – you can get plenty of ideas that help with property buyer control in…

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How to Create a Commercial Property Management Listing Kit

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If you specialise in commercial or retail property management then you should have a listing kit with you to use at any time with clients and prospects.  Some of the kit can be in hard copy and the balance of the kit should be in the ‘cloud’ for ‘drawing down’ when you are talking to…

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Ways of Affirming Investment Objectives for Commercial Real Estate Clients

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Some commercial real estate clients require real understanding when it comes to property choices and investment.  You know the local property market, but they know their preferences when it comes to properties locally.  Matching their property ‘ideas’ to the ‘reality’ of the property market in your town or city is so important to getting anywhere…

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259 Commercial Real Estate Snapshot

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There are always different ways to personally improve as a commercial property broker or agent.  Certainly, your property speciality and location will have something to do with your focus on business growth, but do establish a personal improvement program that you can work on each day.  In this audio program on the podcast, I share…

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Action Plan to Create More Commercial Real Estate Telephone Enquiry

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In commercial real estate brokerage, the telephone should feature as an essential part of your business processes and enquiry base as an agent in both sales and leasing activity.  When the telephone is ringing with an inbound enquiry, you have plenty of possibilities to convert with new people.  That then can lead to inspections.  (NB…

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Improving Landlord Services in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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In commercial real estate brokerage, the landlords that you know and serve will provide you with significant opportunities over time.  Those opportunities will be across sales, leasing, and property management; trust and communication will help you convert that business at the right time.  (NB – you can get plenty of landlord service ideas in our…

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Ways of Looking for Commercial Property Management Answers

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Landlords of investment property always need some degree of help when it comes to commercial property management and leasing.  Look for those landlords and then centre on their problems.  Provide solutions that are clear, specific, and specialized.  It is hard for a client or prospect to ignore relevant recommendations on a property matter.  Go ‘deep’…

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An Action Plan Example for Commercial Property Leasing Agents

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When you work as a leasing agent, there are plenty of things to do daily.  There are tenants and landlords to talk to.  There are conversations to make with the right people.  Information leads to opportunities.  (NB – you can get plenty of commercial real estate leasing tips here in Snapshot – its free) A…

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Get the Client to Think of Exclusive Listing Benefits

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When you are pitching for a listing, get the client to think about the real benefits of your ideas and your recommendations.  Your ideas should stand out beyond that of your competitors.  Match your ideas to the property situation, and the target market.  Have some stories to tell as part of engaging the clients thinking.…

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