Customer Engagement Examples that Work in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

two blurred business people standing

In any commercial real estate brokerage, it is critical that new customers and clients be engaged with in some way or form by all agents.   Over time that engagement creates leads and commission opportunities; conversations with people create opportunities.  It is a simple rule to work with, and it is controllable at a personal level. …

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How to Achieve Cold Calling Excellence in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Cold call contact checklists in commercial real estate brokerage

Over time I have written about, and spent a good deal of focus on cold call systems and processes.  In commercial real estate brokerage, the telephone is such an important part of finding and generating new clients and listings.  The telephone is convenient and cheap to use; a process of making more calls is required.…

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Commercial Real Estate Management Crisis Management Strategies

city view for commercial property management

When you manage a commercial or retail property of any size, there are things that can go wrong in the building or across the property.  Those things can then disrupt occupancy, safety, and investment performance.  You need a comprehensive crisis control plan to keep those events under direction.  Forward planning is a good idea to…

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How to Manage a Shopping Center for Improved Results

shopping center mall escalator

Most shopping centres have challenges in some form or another.  When you look at all the issues of the typical retail property, there are things to watch and shape over time.  Control is important; the focus of the Shopping Centre Manager is or should be part of that.  The Landlord owner of the property is…

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Commercial Property Management Handover Checklist Format

property management handover checklist

When you are to take over a new building to manage, be it office, retail, or industrial, there are many things to look at and control IMMEDIATELY.  It is easy for errors to occur and omissions to be made as the property facts are gathered. People will not tell you everything and or overlook key…

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Brokerage Contact Cycles for Agents

Growth chart for brokers in commercial real estate.

In commercial real estate today, the contact cycles that you create will very likely give you brokerage traction in some form.  You can then ‘tweek’ the contact approach with key people and property owners in your location to grow listing and commission leads over time. You have to start the contact process somehow; that’s the…

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The Importance of Set Routines in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

City buildings under construction

The only way to get a reasonable amount of success in commercial real estate brokerage is through taking specific actions every day and developing a set of routines around that.  The routines for each agent or broker can be improved over time and with relevance to the local property market conditions.  (NB – you can…

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Comprehensive Marketing Checklist for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city buildings at sunrise

When you have a commercial property listed for sale and release to the local property market, there are plenty of things you can do in attracting the right buyers and business people to the listing over time.  Defining the target market early in the campaign planning process is quite important.  From that point on, there…

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How to Improve Leasing Skills Faster in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city buildings on Hong Kong harbour

If you are a professional leasing agent working with commercial and retail property owners, there are certain skills to grow at a personal level, and particular focus points in your business to optimise.  You can of course work with both landlords and tenants with their leasing requirements.  Either ‘channel’ of business has opportunities.  Size and…

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Commercial Real Estate Training Online 263

Commercial real estate audio recording – city at sunset

In today’s podcast program, there are 3 sections for you.  All quite important for the traction that you need as a broker or agent this year. 1. How to create quality marketing programs, 2. A guide to personal broker marketing online, 3. How to neutralise the competition brokers in your area. Commercial real estate training…

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – The Importance of Taking Daily Action

city at sunset

In commercial real estate brokerage, the fast track to results in both client and listing activity is through taking daily action to a prospecting plan and a process of ongoing contact.   Daily action gets the results, or at the very least will allow you to see what is working and not working in business generation. …

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The Plain Facts of Presenting and Pitching in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city buildings on river

Don’t complicate your inspection and presentation processes in commercial real estate brokerage.  Stick to the rules and the focus of communicating and conversing across all the facts.  Keep things simple and direct as you sell the features of the property. (NB – you can get plenty of real estate presentation ideas in our Snapshot program…

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Key Strategies in Finding New Clients Faster in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city at sunrise

Every broker or agent in commercial real estate needs to attract plenty of new clients regularly over time.  It’s a ‘rule’ of business for brokerage success.  If you ignore the ‘rule’, then problems will evolve.  Take control of your real estate business and build your client list. (NB – you can get plenty of client…

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Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Career Results in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city scene of office buildings

You can waste a lot of time in commercial real estate if you do not focus most of your efforts on the things that matter. Career results matter in a constant way for all brokers and agents.  Priorities at a personal level are foundational in getting results.  Those priorities should be directed to the things…

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Essential Sales Growth Metrics in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city buildings on river

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are some things that you should watch when it comes to results in sales listings and sales across the brokerage and with each person in the team.   It takes time to get a transaction ‘across the line’, and sales metrics matter when it comes to knowing what is happening…

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The Advantages of Local Area Network Experience in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city buildings and Hong Kong harbour

In commercial real estate brokerage, your local area knowledge and experience is valuable in so many ways to the people that you seek to attract as clients.  As the local agent and the specialist in a property type, you can do more with that local knowledge from an opportunity perspective in your marketing.  You can…

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Sales Tactics that Work in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city buildings on river

If you work in commercial real estate brokerage sales, you will need a ‘planned’ approach to your business, particularly if you are looking to convert good results in the industry over time.  Every day that plan can be implemented and tuned to the local area, property types, and the property market trends.  It’s the personal…

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