4 Ways to Get Better Marketing Results in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Chart

commercial real estate broker marketing chart

The things that we do in commercial real estate all hinge around listings, clients, prospects, and promotion.  So when you consider these things a bit deeper, you soon see that the way to build your real estate business is to focus on marketing first and foremost. There is an old saying in our industry that…

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Customer Relationship Management System Examples in Commercial Real Estate

CRM systems chart by John Highman

Just about everything we do in commercial real estate brokerage should be evolving around customers and clients.  It doesn’t matter whether you work in sales, leasing, property management, or any other variation of service in the industry, your CRM system should be at the centre of your brokerage business.  (NB – you can get more…

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The 6 Essential Broker Skills in Commercial Real Estate Today – Chart

commercial real estate broker skills

I have spoken at many conferences around the World to Brokers and Agents over the last 15 years about personal skills and focus.  I know that there are just 6 key skills that really matter in our industry, and I tend to encourage brokers to deal with that and address the improvement opportunities personally. When…

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Commercial Property Marketing – A Listing Focus Chart

Marketing Chart for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The listing process in commercial property today is competitive, so every exclusively listed property should be uniquely promoted to the target market of buyers or tenants as the case may be.  In this chart by John Highman, you can see the three important elements of property promotion that we should never forget. Review all of…

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Poster – Growth Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are a few important things to remember when you start looking at your commercial property market and the opportunities that exist in it. Its the time of year where business plans are already active and results should be happening.  Perhaps you have some key performance indicators to watch and assess?  No matter where you…

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Commercial Real Estate Leasing Chart – A Brokerage Advantage

business men walking and talking

When working an agent or broker works in commercial real estate leasing, there are some things that are really important to the renting and leasing process.  They are the things that don’t change and they come up every time when you work with tenants and landlords. If you have a vacancy to deal with, then the…

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The 4 Secrets of Top Agent Performance in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Top agents and top brokers are a breed unto themselves.  They create their success and momentum through deliberate efforts.  It is a formula to be respected, replicated and refined. Here below is a Top Agent Infographic to help you work on self improvement in commercial real estate brokerage. This for the online Snapshot community….. if…

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All Systems Go for Successful Cold Calling in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

city at sunset

Let’s make things a bit easier in commercial real estate brokerage.  A focus on Cold Calling and a prospecting model will always give an agent traction and momentum. Sure, there are some things to learn, but life is like that correct?  At the end of the day your targets should be on good listings, good…

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