How to Improve Your Tenant Leasing Services

shopping mall and escalators

In commercial and retail property investment, the tenants that you choose to occupy a property, or a suite in a property, will be critical to the overall investment and its performance. There are things that you can do with that concept when it comes to marketing your services to property investors and landlords locally. Choosing…

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7 Essential Commercial Property Leasing Strategies

book about Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Commercial leasing is one of those things where it puts us in contact with landlords in a valuable ongoing way.  The tenant database that you are nurturing and growing now will help greatly with landlord services in leasing and tenant mix optimization.  In any larger property, the process of tenant selection should not be looked…

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Key Principles of Managing a Retail Shopping Center

escalator in a shopping mall

Shopping centers are quite special in a number of ways when you consider the property managment process.   Information has to be gathered.  Essentially the core issues of the property should be reviewed, identified and captured into an ongoing management process.  By ‘core issues’, I am referring to the bigger issues such as lease facts, tenant…

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Cheat Sheet for Finding More Commercial and Retail Tenants – Brokerage Leasing Chart

commercial real estate tenant attraction chart by John Highman

Here is a confession.  I love leasing in quality buildings. A good leasing transaction can lead to more leasing, a sales opportunity, or a property management.  Landlords love professional leasing help with their investments.  That’s a fact. (NB – you can get more commercial and retail leasing ideas and tenant contact systems in Snapshot right…

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8 Things Commercial Real Estate Leasing Brokers Must Know

city buildings on Hong Kong harbour

In commercial real estate leasing, you can drive some valuable commission and listing opportunities your way if you specialize in a location and a property type.  Leasing requires a good working knowledge at a personal level of rents, vacancies, and leases.  Across all those factors, you must also know a good number of tenants and…

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The Real Benefits of a Tenant Retention Plan in Commercial and Retail Property Management

escalator in a shopping center

A tenant retention program in commercial and retail property management is a valuable leasing and asset management service.  From such a program, you can drive more leasing fees, and keep a client relatively happy with their investment opportunities and property performance over time. The retention strategy ensures that all preferred tenants in occupancy are encouraged…

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Tenant Targets in Retail Shopping Center Leasing

shopping center leasing chart

The retail part of the investment property market is quite special given the types of landlord clients and the tenants you must work with and help.  I have said many times before, that ‘retail’ is unique as a property type, given the occupancy factors that influence leasing decisions in shopping centres and stand alone ‘shops’.…

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Action Plan for Leasing Agents

city buildings on river

The leasing process in commercial real estate can always give you plenty of leverage with market share in sales or property management.  The fact of the matter is that there are always landlords and tenants out there with occupancy issues.  Vacancies can be worked on and tenants can be relocated.  Behind both of those issues, …

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Resolving the Opportunities of the Tenant Mix in Shopping Malls

shopping mall and escalators

When it comes to leasing, and managing any shopping centre, take the time to establish and implement a tenancy mix and tenant retention process; it is a wise business strategy to use to boost property and retail performance. (NB – you can get plenty of tenant mix tips for retail shopping malls in our Snapshot…

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Advanced Strategic Commercial Property Leasing Video – Extracts from Recent Hong Kong Workshop

city buildings at sunset

Recently, I was in Hong Kong running a leasing workshop with major property owners, leasing agents, and property managers. The buildings we were discussing were large and of high value.  A leasing matrix was created from the program.  (NB – you can get more leasing tips in our commercial real estate ‘Snapshot’ program right here)…

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Chart – Asset Planning for Shopping Centers

Retail Asset Plan

Over the years I have seen many different challenges with Shopping Centers of all types in diverse cities and towns.  Recently I was in Dubai, sharing that information and speaking at a conference on tenant mix and tenant retention strategies.  (NB – you can get plenty of Retail Shopping Center ideas in our Snapshot program…

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Commercial Real Estate Leasing – Investigating the Business History of Prospective Tenants

vacant office tenancy

When looking to lease a commercial or retail property, and or resolve a vacancy, don’t jump at the first tenant or lease enquiry that comes your way.  Make some careful choices about the tenant, the location, the building, and the relevance that the tenant must have to the landlord’s asset.  (NB – you can get…

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Comparing Shopping Centers Today for Sales and Tenant Mix Performance

shopping mall and modern shops

When you work with retail shopping centers from a leasing or management perspective, there are many things to look at and compare.  Ideally, you want to stay ahead of the retail competition.  Customer interest is a valuable factor to attract and maintain. (NB – you can get plenty of retail shopping center tenant mix tips…

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Improving Shopping Center Performance by Retail Tenant Mix Repackaging

mall in a shopping center

Some retail shopping centres need refreshing and repackaging from time to time. That strategy and approach helps when it comes to sustaining customer interest and attracting ongoing retail sales. (NB – you can get more retail shopping center tenant mix ideas in our free ‘Snapshot’ course right here)   The approach to shopping center repackaging…

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Operations Manual Template for Shopping Centers

mall escalator

When you lease or manage a retail investment property or shopping center, the creation and use of an operations manual will be very helpful from both a tenant and customer perspective. The standard events in the property can be set for ongoing reference and control.  The use of a manual of this type is also…

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Power Marketing Tips in Commercial Real Estate Leasing

city buildings on harbour

In commercial real estate leasing, you need to know plenty of people, and as part of that, all the landlords and the tenants in your territory. Secure a database software solution to track the interactions and the connections that you are making in a regular and ongoing way.  Your list will be invaluable as the…

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Commercial Property Leasing – Landlord Services

Hong Kong Harbour at sunset

When you look into the local property market and particularly at the commercial and retail buildings in your territory, you will see plenty of leasing opportunities and thereby landlords and investors to work with. In helping those special clients and their leasing needs today, there are many opportunities to be seized when it comes to…

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Renting and Leasing are the Foundations of Commercial Property Performance

city buildings on river

A leased commercial property or tenancy is the start of something new and is a fresh opportunity with a client.  Through one single lease transaction, you can over time open up the many other possibilities that await. You can also build a stable and reliable relationship with the client into the future.   It does…

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