Tenant Targets in Retail Shopping Center Leasing

shopping center leasing chart

The retail part of the investment property market is quite special given the types of landlord clients and the tenants you must work with and help.  I have said many times before, that ‘retail’ is unique as a property type, given the occupancy factors that influence leasing decisions in shopping centres and stand alone ‘shops’.…

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How to Manage a Shopping Center for Improved Results

shopping center mall escalator

Most shopping centres have challenges in some form or another.  When you look at all the issues of the typical retail property, there are things to watch and shape over time.  Control is important; the focus of the Shopping Centre Manager is or should be part of that.  The Landlord owner of the property is…

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Commercial Property Management Handover Checklist Format

property management handover checklist

When you are to take over a new building to manage, be it office, retail, or industrial, there are many things to look at and control IMMEDIATELY.  It is easy for errors to occur and omissions to be made as the property facts are gathered. People will not tell you everything and or overlook key…

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Innovation Health Factors in Commercial Property Management

city buildings on river

Creative control is an essential part of commercial and retail property management.  Basically, elements of innovation are part of that day to day property management process as you strive to attract and serve high level clients with your tenant and asset performance services. Think about what you are doing now with your clients and consider…

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The Secrets to Creating New Commercial Property Managements

Hong Kong harbour and high rise properties.

There are some special people in your town or city that you can tap into when it comes to looking for and finding new Clients and Commercial Property Management appointments.  A professional property management service is something that is both very marketable and highly desirable in a brokerage business.  NB – you can get plenty…

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Resolving the Opportunities of the Tenant Mix in Shopping Malls

shopping mall and escalators

When it comes to leasing, and managing any shopping centre, take the time to establish and implement a tenancy mix and tenant retention process; it is a wise business strategy to use to boost property and retail performance. (NB – you can get plenty of tenant mix tips for retail shopping malls in our Snapshot…

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How to Enrich Your Commercial Property Management Fees

commercial property management chart

The strategy behind growing commercial property management fees will always be something separate and different to the commissions and the fees that you can get from sales and leasing activity.  Any real estate brokerage business plan and team structure should consider the different fee types and the unique strategies required to grow those channels of…

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Attaining True Independence in Commercial Property Management

Plumbing and taps in commercial property management

There is a certain ‘attainable mass’ of properties in commercial or retail property management that will seem to create its ongoing portfolio growth momentum.  Getting up to and beyond that point is the focus for many brokerages.  (NB – you can get plenty of commercial property management tips in our Snapshot program right here –…

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Commercial Property Management – How to Ask the Right Questions in a Handover

City buildings on river

When you are taking on a new retail, office, or industrial property for management, make sure you have a good set of deliberate questions to work through and help you identify the performance issues within the property.  Get to the bottom of the issues relating to income, tenancy mix, maintenance, risk, documentation, and occupancy.  Where…

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Commercial Property Management – Understanding the Facts and Advantages of Building Automation Systems

city view for commercial property management

If you work in commercial or retail property management or leasing, you will soon come across the terminology of building automation in larger buildings.  The issue or concept generally applies to buildings where the building function issues are complex and therefore for efficiencies, the operational elements of the building are integrated into daily property operations,…

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Chart – Asset Planning for Shopping Centers

Retail Asset Plan

Over the years I have seen many different challenges with Shopping Centers of all types in diverse cities and towns.  Recently I was in Dubai, sharing that information and speaking at a conference on tenant mix and tenant retention strategies.  (NB – you can get plenty of Retail Shopping Center ideas in our Snapshot program…

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Useful Asset Planning Tips for Commercial and Retail Property Managements

Hong Kong harbour and high rise properties.

A complex office or retail investment property needs an Asset Plan.  Things should be considered and decided as part of the planning process.  Over time that then allows the right indicators to be tracked, negotiated, and changed as required. (NB – you can get Commercial Property Asset Planning tips in our Snapshot program right here)…

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A New Perspective on Winning More Commercial Property Managements

city view for commercial property management

It is a fact that the property managements in your commercial brokerage can bring real value to the business overall.  You can serve the clients in several different ways, control the listing stock, and optimize your commissions from any transactions created.  (NB – you can get plenty of property management tips in our Snapshot program…

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Why Tenant Service Managers are Valuable in Shopping Center Management

Retail shopping mall and escalators

In commercial property management, tenant communication is critical on an array of things.  Every day there will be issues in and around the managed property that will impact occupancy and or building use.  The greater the number of buildings that you manage, the more complex the problem.  (NB – you can get plenty of shopping…

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How to Present for Commercial Property Managements

city buildings at sunrise

The process of pitching and presenting to win a commercial property management is quite special. In this audio program, John Highman talks about fees, clients, property facts and strategic property management. A good property management appointment is one where you match your services into the clients investment targets and property challenges.  There are things to…

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Comparing Shopping Centers Today for Sales and Tenant Mix Performance

shopping mall and modern shops

When you work with retail shopping centers from a leasing or management perspective, there are many things to look at and compare.  Ideally, you want to stay ahead of the retail competition.  Customer interest is a valuable factor to attract and maintain. (NB – you can get plenty of retail shopping center tenant mix tips…

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Improving Shopping Center Performance by Retail Tenant Mix Repackaging

mall in a shopping center

Some retail shopping centres need refreshing and repackaging from time to time. That strategy and approach helps when it comes to sustaining customer interest and attracting ongoing retail sales. (NB – you can get more retail shopping center tenant mix ideas in our free ‘Snapshot’ course right here)   The approach to shopping center repackaging…

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Operations Manual Template for Shopping Centers

mall escalator

When you lease or manage a retail investment property or shopping center, the creation and use of an operations manual will be very helpful from both a tenant and customer perspective. The standard events in the property can be set for ongoing reference and control.  The use of a manual of this type is also…

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