Commercial Real Estate Agent Business System

Commercial real estate agents benefit from systematization.  In sales and leasing it is the ‘top agents’ that get really organized.

I have put together this special chart for you and my other online friends to download.  Its a simple PDF chart and is all about the things you need to track as part of your personal commercial real estate business model.

You are welcome to access and use the file.  You can download it right here.

It should remind you of the important indicators and tasks that mean a lot in our industry.

Go and get a coffee, download the chart, and work out from the chart what other things from model that you can do to improve your personal focus.

If this chart helps you, please leave a comment below.  Thanks everyone and to all my friends online.


  • Richard Lord

    February 22, 2013

    Nice chart, could be improved by adding / clarifying the following in the four blue quarters
    measure and optimise the market
    acquire business opportunities
    convert deals
    retain and grow clients

    • admin

      February 22, 2013

      Thanks Richard for the comments. Great idea, and I am sure that the members online will appreciate what you have to say. Best Regards, John