marketing chart in commercial real estate brokerage

Lets focus on some real marketing intensity!   When you need to market something in sales, leasing, or property management, there are some good and bad ways to do it.  This chart should help you stay on track and improve your results.

Look at your own marketing efforts and see if you can focus more.  In most cases in our business of real estate it is simply a matter of doing a few things very well; not a lot of things across a broad spectrum.

You can get the pdf chart right here.

Share it around the real estate team or use it in the next sales meeting.

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    • Kerry


      All the links to charts are broken, is there any way I can be sent these wall charts?



      • admin

        Sorry about that 🙂 As it happens the server went down in the US and there was nothing we could do for a short time. Everything is now working all fine.

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