Detailed Instructions for a Sales Plan in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

sales chart by John Highman for commercial real estate brokers

Every broker or agent should have a sales plan that they understand and action every day.  It is a personal commitment.   That plan should push them towards the right people and the quality listings in their territory.  It is a simple logic, and not hard to understand or implement; yet I see so many sales people get distracted with time wasting meetings, discussions, poor quality clients, and stale listings.

So what is the message?  You need a plan that you can stick to without fail or distraction at a personal level.  Its time to get some leverage. (PS – if you want our free brokerage training, you can get it here)

FACT: Plans like this allow traction and action, and those things can then be tuned to capture even more momentum in  commissions, clients, and listings.

Every city, property type, client type, and broker can create a variation to the sales plan process for themselves; they can create their own brand of sales leverage and build the results.

In saying this it is almost as though there is a sales plan template that every one should have to get started and then they can modify it for their skills, location, and property type.

To help you and all my other friends on the internet, here are some of the sales tools to consider and develop your sales plan.

Sales Matrix Chart for Commercial Brokers

Territory Sales Article for Commercial Brokers


sales chart by John Highman for commercial real estate brokers

Sales system matrix for commercial real estate brokers and agents.




special report on sales planning in commercial real estate brokerage

A sales plan for commercial real estate brokers and agents.





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