How to Cold Call Tenants in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

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Listings are the agent’s “Stock on the shelf” and their income now and in the future depends on the quality as well as the quantity of the listings that they obtain. In your local area, listings may include: Land that is suitable for commercial, industrial or retail development Commercial, industrial and retail buildings that are for…

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Solving Cold Call Reluctance in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

When you work in commercial real estate agency, the cold calling process is part of a required prospecting model. Every salesperson should be making cold calls every working day to new people that they have not spoken to before. That being said, many salespeople struggle with the process and the mindset. Many avoid the prospecting cold calling process…

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Cold Calling Tips for Commercial Property Agents

In commercial real estate you have to make many cold calls every day. The people that make the most income and take the best listings are the ones that make the calls as part of an ongoing marketing process. Everyone else, and that is the majority, are earning smaller commissions and getting less listings. You have a choice.…

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How to Close More Sales in Commercial Real Estate Today

In commercial real estate it pays to have a basic plan that allows you to focus on and refine your closing procedures. Far too many people in the industry start to close when they think that the time is right and then use a random process. They do not close well. They are not practiced and they are…

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Prospecting for Clients in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

In commercial real estate agency, you should strive to build solid and productive client relationships as quickly as possible. The industry is very much ‘relationship driven’ between agent and prospect. Note that I said ‘agent’ and not ‘agency’. The fact of the matter is that most of the business that you create and convert will come from personal…

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Networking and Marketing Tips for Commercial Property Agents

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Relationships that can be built in commercial real estate are important for a number of reasons the greatest of which is being able to fully understand the client’s needs. The underlying opportunity from a good client relationship is obviously future business. What Can You Do? These ideas and initiatives below will encourage a positive relationship…

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Career Tips in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

When you run a commercial real estate agency, you are or should be always on the lookout for good commercial salespeople. It is always a challenge to find the right people, train them to do the right thing for your business, and then keep them for the long term. Careers in commercial property are very rewarding…

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Career Tips in Commercial Real Estate Agency

Many people think about a career as an agent or realtor in commercial property sales and leasing. It’s a great industry full of opportunity and growth. In saying that, it should also be said that it’s a career that requires great skill and personal development if you want to rise to the top. There are lots of…

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Commercial Property Agents – Choices in Best Methods of Sale

In this property market, and in taking a commercial property to sale as a real estate agent, everything you do is all about strategy. The best method of sale has to be chosen and that decision should be based on the local area and the needs of the property. The Facts of the Property Market Let’s…

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Top Commercial Property Agent Performance

When it comes to real estate agency performance and particularly that which applies to commercial and retail property, you should be really looking at agency benchmarks and previous levels of performance. Your business is unique and different to any other competitor in the local area. Understand the differences, and then assess your commissions and listings against…

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Commercial Property Agent Career Job Description

When you run a commercial real estate agency, or operate as a commercial salesperson, the activities that you undertake every day are critical to the overall momentum and success that you have in the industry. On that basis it pays to establish a job specification early in your career so that you stay within the boundaries…

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Commercial Real Estate Sales Team Competency Today

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In commercial real estate there are particular stages of competence that will allow you to succeed and progress in the industry. Should you choose to improve these factors deliberately, your success in the industry will be fast tracked. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends in Commercial Real Estate Online Snapshot…

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Commercial Real Estate Sales Team Performance Tips

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When it comes to the commercial real estate market today and your actions as a salesperson, it is very easy to get distracted by daily events and the clients and prospects that you work with. When you waste your time to satisfy the needs of others, you will find that your market share and prospecting activities…

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Commercial Real Estate Salesperson Accountability

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In commercial real estate, the word ‘accountable’ is very powerful, but perhaps not used or respected as often as it should be. When you are ‘accountable’, you start to understand the realities of working hard and producing results as a real estate broker or agent. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our…

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Commercial Real Estate Agents – Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Today we have many types of commercial and retail properties to advertise. As part of that process we have a limited amount of people that can act on the sale or lease as buyers or tenants. On that basis every property has to be optimized for advertising and marketing. Generating inquiry from your marketing and…

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