Developing the Right Career Experience in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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In commercial real estate brokerage, you can be ‘generically similar’ to all other brokers and agents, or you can stand out as a ‘specialist’ locally.   When you are that ‘specialist’ you are far more value to your clients and prospects; particularly so in resolving issues with properties both in sales and leasing.  (NB – you…

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How to Build a Successful Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business

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So you want to establish a commercial real estate brokerage?  There are a few issues to look into and resolve, plus plenty of opportunity.  Local area coverage is one thing, but a full understanding of the property market and the competition is really important if you want to get some traction in building your business…

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5 Ways to Revitalize Your Commercial Brokerage Career

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When you look at your career in commercial property, things should be moving ahead for you in a planned and regular way.  If things are a bit of a struggle, then it is time to restructure and refocus. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends in Commercial Real Estate Online…

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How to Launch Your Successful Commercial Real Estate Career

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In commercial real estate brokerage today, the property market will change throughout the year in many different ways. You can work with those factors of change to tap into new clients and new listings. It is a matter of understanding how the market is changing and how you can match those variations into your professional…

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Real Estate Agents – The Absolute Necessity to Research Your Commercial Property Market Thoroughly

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Things change frequently in commercial real estate and as a consequence it is an absolute necessity for brokers and agents to research their market and the trends through the year. Think about these three questions: Where is the property inquiry coming from today? What are those people looking for in property? Why is that inquiry…

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How to Start Up a Successful Commercial Real Estate Business Today

To start a commercial real estate business an agent or broker needs a large degree of motivation and a good understanding of the property market.  Commercial property is significantly different than residential property in so many ways, and on that basis specialised knowledge is required.  Remember that you are dealing with a different type of…

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Reflections on a New Career in Commercial Property Management

In this property market, the career opportunities in commercial and retail property management are many.  A quality property and client will always require a top manager to help with the complexities of property function and management. So what does a high quality property manager do with their day?  Try some of these: Collect rental in…

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Keys to Planning Your Career in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Without a doubt, a career in commercial real estate brokerage can be very rewarding.  That being said, if this is a career for you, then you will require a personal focus and commitment to make the necessary commissions and listings grow over time.  Market share is everything when it comes to converting new business opportunity. …

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Hiring Sales Assistants in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage the use of sales ‘assistants’ really works however they are a cost the business process and that cost needs to be recovered from the incoming commissions.  In effect assistants are a support service so the broker and agent can get out into the market and connect with the right people…

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You are the Expert in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Sell the Package Well

In commercial real estate brokerage, you are the ‘product’ in many respects.  Forget about the property type and the price.   It’s all about the value and the relevance that you bring to your clients and prospects.  They have to see that you really are the ‘real deal’ when it comes to resolving their property pain.…

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Career Change in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage today, it is not unusual for some agents and the brokers to change employer from time to time.  That will be for a variety of reasons including better market share, administrative support, and commissions.  There is no point in working for or brokerage that doesn’t give you the necessary back-up…

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Timeless Business Planning Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

If you work in commercial real estate brokerage, you need a business plan at a personal level to take you forward.  That plan can take your focus and goals and turn them into action items.  Ultimately a good plan and action process can give you a good market share and boost your listings and commissions.…

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Taking Charge of Your Commercial Property Market

In commercial real estate brokerage, you can let the market come to you (albeit very slowly), or you can take the real initiative and pursue the opportunities vigorously.  There are always things to connect into.  The clients that we serve have many challenges and factors of change. So let’s look at ways you can take…

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Experience Messages in Commercial Real Estate Agency

To win a listing in commercial real estate agency, show the client that you have relevant and real experience that will help them solve the property challenge.  Don’t be generic; be specific when it comes to your property knowledge and your marketing solutions.  Show them why they need you to help with their property challenge.…

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13 Key Skills Sets to a Successful Career in Commercial Real Estate Agency

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A career in commercial real estate agency can be very rewarding for those that work to a plan and develop a real focus on self-improvement.  It is a fact that the commissions made from a single transaction can be very significant however they don’t come easily.  A client has to trust an agent and respect…

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Performance Excuses are Irrelevant in Commercial Real Estate Agency

When you work as a commercial real estate agent for some time you will see that everything you achieve in the industry is up to you.  On that basis, excuses are of no benefit to an agent when things are tough and slow.  Actions and systemization are important factors to underpin commissions and listings. When…

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How to Commit to a Career in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

In commercial real estate agency you must be fully committed to your career and market share.  Success as an agent doesn’t come easily to any person.  Definite things should be done every day to take you that bit closer to the targets that you seek in commissions, clients, and listings. ‘Luck’ is not much benefit…

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Client Contact Rules for Commercial Real Estate Agents

In commercial real estate agency you should treat your clients and prospects differently based on their business style and property needs.  Recognise that our segment of the property market is one of privacy and confidentiality.  Treat all of your clients and prospects accordingly. The ‘generic’ business practices of residential property do not apply in commercial…

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