A Custom Designed Commercial Property Management System for Agents

When you work as a commercial property manager or retail shopping centre manager, the property management system that you provide to your clients should be optimised for each property requirement.  This then says that every property will have the unique controls and reports that a client requires.  Here are some tips from our Newsletter. This…

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Commercial Property Managers – Why is Your Job So Hard?

So many property managers graduate to commercial property from residential property.  The fact of the matter is that the transition is very hard; the property type is different and the management style and requirements are quite unique. If this sounds like a challenge that you are going through or about to take on board, rest…

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Top Skills for Commercial Property Managers Today

The skills required to manage any complex commercial and retail property are many.  Far too many agent principals underestimate the quality of person that they should apply to a new property management appointment.  Certainly a junior unskilled property manager can learn the skills required, but getting the right quality of person to do the job…

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Property Managers – How to Manage Older Commercial Properties Today

When it comes to managing older commercial properties, you will need to develop a system to control the problems that evolve from property ownership and tenant usage. It is a simple fact that older properties cost more to run and maintain.  That can then have a significant impact on the net income for the landlord…

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Commercial Property Management Tips to Strengthen Your Agency

city buildings on harbour.

In a commercial property market like that which we have today, the factors of property ownership and control get pretty challenging.  For this reason your commercial and retail property managers become a key point of difference in your business.  With the right marketing effort your property managers can be a business opportunity for you and…

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Presenting and Pitching for a Commercial Property Management Appointment

City buildings on river

Commercial property management is a special field in the property industry.  The same if not more can be said about retail property.  The property managers that work on these property types should be well chosen for their skills and or trained for the skills that are needed.  NB – you can get plenty of commercial…

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Top Skills for a Commercial Property Manager Today

city view for commercial property management

In commercial property management today, the skills of the property manager need to be relevant and well applied to the particular asset.  There is no doubt that skillful commercial property managers are in short supply.  There is a significant difference between the processes in residential property management and commercial property management.  Any property manager moving…

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How to Negotiate Commercial Real Estate Leases – Tips for Commercial Real Estate Property Managers

In commercial real estate property management and leasing, negotiating with tenants regards renewing their leases is quite a common event. Unfortunately many property managers leave the matter till it’s too close to the cutoff date, and negotiations become pressured. Pressured negotiations become impacted by the prevailing market conditions and the sentiment of the landlord and tenant…

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How to Manage Commercial and Retail Property Today

When you work as a commercial property manager, it is essential that you really understand the demands of the job and of your clients. Commercial property management is a specialist task. Short cuts are not possible if you really want to make your mark as a really good manager of investment property. So exactly what does a…

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Skills and Systems Required to Manage Commercial Real Estate

When you work as a commercial property manager, the tasks that you undertake are varied and many. It could be said that commercial and retail property managers are the busiest in the property industry (ok so I am biased). On that basis they have to be intelligent, diligent, and driven. A commercial or retail property manager should…

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Commercial Property Lease Incentive Tips

In this property market, lease incentives are very common. Landlords should be prepared for the tenants request for an incentive, and the leasing agent should help the property owner with the facts about the incentives that are typically used. A fundamental fact exists regards the use of the leasing incentive; it should be explained to landlords. Incentives…

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Commercial Property Manager Skills for Todays Property Requirements

People that choose to become commercial property managers should respect the need for specialised knowledge and control in the job. It is a focused career and it is totally different than commercial property sales. In most cases the character of a commercial sales person is not ideal for commercial property management. Landlords need property managers that can…

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