The Importance of Working Tenant Advocacy Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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When you look at the property leasing market in any town or city, there are tenant advocacy opportunities to be worked.  In saying that, it is always preferable to work with the larger tenants and the better quality properties from the position of a ‘tenants advocate’.  Smaller tenants can waste your time and your money. …

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Useful Asset Planning Tips for Commercial and Retail Property Managements

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A complex office or retail investment property needs an Asset Plan.  Things should be considered and decided as part of the planning process.  Over time that then allows the right indicators to be tracked, negotiated, and changed as required. (NB – you can get Commercial Property Asset Planning tips in our Snapshot program right here)…

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A Handy Checklist Approach for Leasing Properties to Franchise Businesses

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There are plenty of commercial real estate opportunities in targeting franchise businesses from a leasing perspective.  The facts of the matter are that a franchise type business will in many cases want a property to operate from; they have special property needs to suit business models. (NB – you can get our leasing tips and…

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The Components and the Opportunities of a Commercial Lease Renegotiation

lease renegotiation report

Having worked on the leasing of many large commercial property investments over the years, I look at a tenant mix and the corresponding lease documents quite deeply as part of a tenant retention strategy and lease renegotiation opportunity.  If you really work through a building, the tenants, and the leases, there are many things that…

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How to Reinforce Your Commercial Brokerage Successes with New Listings and Clients

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When you get something right, or when you have converted a ‘win’ as a commercial real estate broker with a listing or client, talk about it and spread the word.  One good listing or a transaction is a reason to talk to other local people in a relevant and specific way. The people that we…

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How to Look at all Marketing Alternatives in Commercial Property Sales

special report alternative commercial real estate marketing

When you have a commercial property to sell, the promotional and marketing process is quite important.  A lot depends on if  you can convert some vendor paid promotional funds as part of the listing, and then how those funds are to be applied.  When you have some money to apply to the promotion of the…

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How to Use Marketing Suspense in Your Commercial Property Campaigns

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When you promote a commercial property for sale or lease, do so to a plan and a strategy. Build the suspense and the momentum in your marketing campaign so you are pulling in more people and inspection opportunities. You only really have ‘one shot’ at creating real marketing momentum, so everything that you do has…

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A Threatening Action Plan for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Investment Sales

If you work in commercial property investment sales, you will understand the importance of the market segment and the people that you serve within it.  They are typically focused on one main thing, and that is the improvement of the property investment.  How they achieve that outcome can be your services speciality using all of…

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Commercial Real Estate Property Managers – Why Owner Managed Properties are Risky Business

In commercial real estate property management today, you will frequently come across owner ‘self-managed’ assets.  Many of the smaller scale landlords in that category do not have the expertise and the experience to manage their asset effectively and directly, and yet they struggle on.  Invariably they cut corners and make decisions based around ‘savings’ rather…

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A Blueprint for Rental Growth in Commercial Property Management

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Most property management clients are looking for rental growth over time and a stable property investment as part of that process.  In any property with a variety of tenants in occupancy, it pays to have a plan of property improvement, rental escalation, and leasing activity well sorted before the beginning of the financial year.  Every…

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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Avoid the Big Mistakes of Missing Commercial Property Information

In commercial real estate brokerage today some properties have issues of concern that could impact buyers or tenants in the sale or leasing process.  A due diligence process is required by brokers and agents to cover off on all the property issues before any marketing campaign commences. The owner of the property can deliberately be…

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6 Secrets of Being a Successful Tenants Advocate in Commercial Real Estate Leasing

In commercial real estate today, it is the case that many corporate tenants are looking for help when it comes to leasing decisions and property re-locations.  That is where you can offer the specialised service as a tenants advocate; you can help the tenant find the right property in your town or city and negotiate…

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Ways of Finding New Clients to Serve in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

New clients are the ‘bread and butter’ of commercial real estate brokerage.  The quality of the clients that you connect with and the addition of others to your database will help you grow your market share in your town or city.  The message is that you should be selective on finding and communicating with the…

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Best Selling Marketing Systems for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

To be successful in attracting inquiry in commercial real estate brokerage, every exclusive listing should be exposed to a dedicated marketing system that is comprehensive and complete.  Any open listing by contrast is more of a process of luck; don’t spend too much time on marketing those listings. What is the best selling marketing system…

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Getting Ahead in Tenant Advocacy Leasing Services

Some of us have worked in ‘tenant advocacy’ and particularly leasing.  It is the reverse normal client process where you are potentially to be working for the tenant in finding the right premises and right location. It is a very lucrative part of the property leasing market if you work in a larger town or…

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Essential Marketing Choices for Your Clients in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When it comes to the marketing and promotion of a commercial or retail property, you should give your clients some choices when it comes to promotional activity.  Whilst you may know the best marketing tools to use, you can mix and match those tools to suit the clients budget and or priorities.  When the client…

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A Candid Look at Tenant Mix Analysis

When you are preparing a larger commercial or retail property for sale, it pays to do a tenant mix analysis to see how you can package the property as an investment and attract potential buyers.  Given the state and slowness of some buyers to act on a property sale, the full factors of property performance…

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Brokers Tips – Preparing for a Commercial Real Estate Sale

In commercial real estate agency today, it is necessary to carefully consider the strategies of preparation when it comes to selling a property.  Every property market will have factors of change and opportunity.  On that basis, a new listing needs to be matched to the market conditions and the current levels of enquiry.  It is…

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