Commercial Real Estate Training Online #256

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In this commercial real estate brokerage podcast, be sharing the special tips tools and ideas relating to database modelling, cold calling, and pitching and presenting for commercial property managements. They are all special topics in their own right, and can bring exceptional results to an individual broker or agent as they strive to achieve market…

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Tracking Competitors in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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There is always a good degree of pressure and positioning in any commercial real estate market throughout the year. You will have plenty of competitors chasing your clients, your listings, and your market share. Develop a strategy specifically to address your competitive position and nullify that of your competitors. The best way to handle this…

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Simple and Direct Ways of Prospecting New Clients

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In commercial real estate today, agents and brokers should be focusing on database growth and fresh new client connection.   The property market is always under change and that is to our advantage.  In saying that, the change has to be tapped into and that is where a good business plan and client contact strategy…

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Special Slides on Sales Performance Metrics in Commercial Real Estate Today

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In commercial real estate brokerage there are many things to learn and develop over time. Whilst you will quite likely be a property specialist in a location and property type, your sales skills and negotiation skills need to be refined, practice, and improved over time. (NB – You can get our Free Commercial Brokerage Course…

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Commercial Real Estate Salesperson Yearly Planner

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In commercial real estate, every salesperson should review their activities at the end of each month and each year or financial period.  There are things that they can learn from the process.  Important things like market share, commission growth, and client results are all key performance indicators to identify and address. (NB – get our…

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A Powerful Formula for Cold Calling in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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Cold calling in commercial real estate brokerage is a real skill and also is a critical factor of new business growth.  The agents that make the telephone calls consistently over time, are generally the agents that create the results; that fact is as real today as it has been over the last 25 years. The…

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How to Piggy Back Your Commercial Property Listings and Retain Control of the Enquiry

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One well directed and structured commercial property promotion can lead to good inbound enquiry, and an ability for you to ‘cross over’ suitable enquiries into other listings and locations.  If the initial enquiry was not fully satisfied on the first listing be prepared to talk about your other listings and locations.  Keep the enquiry moving…

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How to Choose the Right Listing Source in Commercial Property

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As an agent or broker should have a few good listing systems as sources of new business.  In commercial real estate, the levels of listing activity will change during the year and will the levels of local business and investment sentiment.  Through all of that you really must have a few sources of listings driving…

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5 Ways to Take Control of Your Commercial Real Estate Career

Don’t wait for the property market to come to you.  Go out and find it.  Top agents in commercial real estate tend to set fixed rules and principles for their business momentum and their future.  Those principles they set are likely to make or break their business growth over time, so important choices should be…

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5 Steps to Goal Setting in Commercial Property Investment Sales

key performance indicators in commercial real estate

If you want to get anywhere fast in commercial investment sales, it is best to do a good degree of market research and then set your goals for action.  Failure to understand what is going on locally with the investment market segments, can see you lose precious time and waste resources. (N.B. these ideas are…

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Commercial Real Estate Snapshot Podcast 255

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Today we cover 4 topics, 1. Specific reasons why you should focus on property management clients, 2. Time management solutions for today, 3. Formula for direct cold calling, 4. How to be passionate about commercial real estate brokerage. Commercial Real Estate Training and coaching by John Highman MP3 File

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The Key Rules of a Top Quality Advertising Campaign

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You only have one chance to capture the attention of your target market in commercial property sales and leasing.  The first 3 weeks of any promotional campaign will be so important to the message, inquiry generation, and inspection process. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends in Commercial Real Estate…

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Converting Brokerage Victory in Current Property Market Conditions

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Victory in our industry depends largely on market conditions and directed effort.  The results that you achieve in commercial real estate brokerage will depend entirely on how you match your efforts into the market conditions. The property market changes frequently, and that’s what you need to look for and adjust into.  You can improve your…

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How to Model Yourself on Other Top Commercial Real Estate Brokers

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As you move through your commercial property career, you will come across some top agents and brokers who are seemingly consistently clever and professional when it comes to picking the right clients and the listings.   There are some things that you can learn there. When I refer to other ‘top agents’, I am referring to…

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Podcast 241 – Lead Generation Tips for Brokers

commercial real estate broker podcast

Here are some lead generation ideas and tips for commercial real estate brokerage. Commercial real estate training by John Highman.    There are many ways to look for property leads and those all important listings and clients.  Importantly, every agent or broker should have a process that funnels leads into momentum and contact processes.  Here…

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