How to Reinvent Good Quality Commercial Property Marketing

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All too often you see commercial or retail properties advertised for sale or lease with a soft message or a very mediocre advertising layout or property description.  The fact of the matter is that many property agents and salespeople have no real training in creating high-quality advertising copy.  That then creates a problem in the…

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How to Cultivate Your Market Share in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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If you want to win more business, listings, and clients in commercial real estate, then you should implement a ‘farming’ process where you can cultivate relationships with the right people and across the right property types.  Some of those relationships take months if not years to bring in the results, so establish the process of…

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Easy Ways to Establishing a VIP Client Group

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In commercial real estate brokerage, you should build a VIP group of people within your database. You can serve that group specifically and directly with tuned property information of relevance. Having worked with many different types of clients over the years, I have seen some strange situations and have worked through some difficult client challenges.…

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A Handy Checklist Approach for Leasing Properties to Franchise Businesses

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There are plenty of commercial real estate opportunities in targeting franchise businesses from a leasing perspective.  The facts of the matter are that a franchise type business will in many cases want a property to operate from; they have special property needs to suit business models. (NB – you can get our leasing tips and…

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Systems to Follow with Commercial Real Estate Market Research

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In commercial real estate brokerage, the awareness that you have of current market trends will impact your ability to pitch, present, and convert new listings.  That market awareness will give you confidence, and confidence is ‘king’ when it comes to new business today. In simple terms you must be more confident than the competition about…

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Cold Calling Tips – Be a Champion of Call Prospecting in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate call prospecting is quite special, and so it should be.  You are working with valuable property listings, and highly intelligent clients and prospects.  You must be a specialist of commercial property for your location to make cold calling work.  Make the calls (lots of them) but also ensure that your skills are…

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Why You Need a Power Marketing Program in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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There is no point in being commonplace and ordinary as a broker or agent in commercial real estate brokerage.  The competition will ‘walk all over you’, then take your listings and your clients.  That doesn’t mean to say that the competition is anything special in most locations, it’s just that ‘on average’ the volume of…

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Dont forget about New Business Prospecting in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, you simply cannot forget about prospecting through the year and at all times. Every day a degree of personal prospecting should be undertaken within your location and within your specialized property types. A decline or a slowdown in prospecting will create shifts and changes in listing conversions and commission incomes;…

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Commercial Real Estate Seller Management – Marketing Campaign Strategy Meetings

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In commercial real estate brokerage you can gain a lot of leverage with your clients (and particularly the sellers) if you have regular marketing campaign strategy meetings to talk about the enquiry results to date and changes that can bring in more opportunity. Rarely will a marketing campaign be successful from the very start.  Over…

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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – A Short List of Essential Cold Calling Strategies

Like it or not, the cold calling process in commercial real estate brokerage is really important if you want to drive more new business consistently over time.  The same rules apply to sales, leasing, and property management.  Sure, there are other things that you can do to attract enquiry, but the process of making lots…

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Here are 15 of the Best Tools and Systems to Use in Commercial Property Management

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Commercial and Retail Property Management is a special part of the property industry. The right skills and the right people should be deployed to any quality property and client. When it comes to managing any major project then the top people with hands-on experience should be matched to others in the team who can learn…

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Use Compelling Local Property Knowledge to Win More Commercial Real Estate Listings

In commercial real estate brokerage, you simply must know the property market and all of its activities, indicators, and pressures.  Clients and prospects will test your knowledge about the local area and the deals that have been done recently. So what do they want to see?  They want to see real confidence and coverage in…

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Anticipate and Solve Problems in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Negotiations This Way

There are many barriers and ‘fences to cross’ in commercial real estate brokerage.  That is certainly the case for brokers and agents when they work with challenging properties and some difficult clients.  Some sales and leasing opportunities are ‘buried’ in complexity requiring experience and creative effort to put the deal together.  That’s where property experience…

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Marketing Secrets in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage it is wise to change your sales efforts and strategies a number of times for a promotional campaign for a property.  Essentially and in doing that, you can capture more enquiries and leverage further inspections with key people. A quality listing should not be marketed in a standard single way;…

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Do Not Let Commercial Real Estate Tenants Get Out of Control

In commercial real estate leasing and property management, don’t let your tenants get out of control.  The greater the number of properties that you manage, the harder this requirement will be to satisfy.  The same problem occurs when it comes to the larger retail properties and shopping centres. It is a fact that the larger…

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Top Sales Prospecting Methods in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The prospecting process in commercial real estate today is quite specific to both your market and your skills.  You should have a prospecting system to build your growth of market share around.  In that way you will create listing opportunity. So many agents and brokers struggle with the creation of new listings and market opportunities. …

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Website Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers Today

When it comes to running a successful commercial real estate brokerage today you will require a solid Internet presence and a professional web site.  It is a sad fact that many brokers have little understanding of the Internet and their website profile.  That can then have a dramatic impact on their listings and commissions. There…

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Proactive Proposals Win More Commercial Real Estate Listings

When it comes to promoting a commercial or retail property today, the proposals that you present to the client should be well crafted and relevant to the current market conditions.  The days of the generic proposals are well gone.  Make every proposal opportunity the best presentation possible. Get involved at a personal level to show…

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