Action Plan for Leasing Agents

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The leasing process in commercial real estate can always give you plenty of leverage with market share in sales or property management.  The fact of the matter is that there are always landlords and tenants out there with occupancy issues.  Vacancies can be worked on and tenants can be relocated.  Behind both of those issues, …

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4 Ways to Find More Tenants in Commercial Investment Property

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Tenants are the lifeblood of investment property performance.  Landlords look for quality tenants and income stability.  Put some selectivity into your tenant canvassing and placement process.  Look for the better tenants locally and then drive their interest towards your services and or properties. (NB – you can get plenty of tenant prospecting tips in our…

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Strategies to Develop Retail Leasing Opportunities in Shopping Centers

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When you have a vacancy to fill in a retail shopping centre, you do need some effective and direct leasing strategies to pull in the right tenant enquiries in a timely way.  It is not sufficient to just put an advert on the internet as part of a ‘hope and wait’ process. (NB – you…

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How to Counteract on Vacancy Threats in Commercial Leased Property

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In every commercial or retail property you have to watch the vacancy levels in the asset and formulate plans early to resolve or counteract vacancies that may be coming up.  The landlord as your client does not need a declining income return or a threat of increasing vacancy. What can you do? So you have…

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How to Lift Your Commercial Landlord Services to the Next Level

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In commercial property management and leasing today, it is important that your landlord services are refined, specialized, and accurate. Too many mistakes can be made when it comes to leasing, rent collection, and vacancy management. The larger the landlord portfolio, the greater the complexity of service.  Get your services to the level where they are…

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Leasing – Make Money Solving Vacancies

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If you work for commercial real estate investors with leasing requirements, the vacancy pressures and consequential issues will always be there. The variations of the market will impact tenant occupation and future leasing intentions; investors need help. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends in Commercial Real Estate Online Snapshot…

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How to do a Vacancy Risk Assessment in Commercial Investment Property

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The vacancies in any commercial or retail investment property will have a radical and direct impact on cash flow in many different ways. It directly follows that a vacancy assessment should be undertaken regularly as part of a property performance strategy and planning process. That can be part of a property management and or leasing…

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Clever Ideas to Find More Commercial Real Estate Tenants

When your clients are property investors, you will quickly understand the importance of knowing lots of tenants locally.  They are critical to the leasing services that you provide.  In fact, the greater the number of tenants that you know, the more value you are to the investors and landlords in your property market.  That can…

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Commercial Real Estate Leasing – Perceptive Tenant Canvassing Tips

In commercial real estate leasing, you need lots of tenants on your database. Without that foundational fact supporting you it is very hard to get traction in leasing premises locally. Talk to tenants every day and systemize the process so you are working the streets, buildings, and business types. You have to be perceptive and…

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Highly Effective Tenant Prospecting Tips in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate today all agents and brokers should have a specific prospecting model that drills into a location for enquiry and opportunity.  The rule here is that the location should be precise and defined.  Don’t spread yourself too far across a large area when it comes to prospecting for new business and enquiry. …

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Franchise Tenants are a Leasing Opportunity in Commercial Real Estate

When it comes to leasing a vacancy in an investment property today, the franchise tenant model offers plenty of opportunity and stability, providing the tenant matches and balances your existing tenant mix.  A franchise tenant brings to you an established business model that includes financial credibility, training and marketing.  That then removes much of the…

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233 Commercial Real Estate Online

Here are 5 special programs today for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. 1. Tips for building a superior database, 2. How to rehabilitate old listings, 3. How to profit from better clients and listings, 4. How to find more retail tenants, 5. How to compare shopping center performance. These are training programs by John Highman for…

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Commercial Real Estate Leasing – Tenant Prospecting Letter

In commercial real estate leasing today, there are many different strategies you can use to find tenants to fill vacancies.  At the top of the list will always be the need to get in front of qualified business owners and tenants so that you can have a discussion about their property needs and lease expiry…

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8 Ways to Improve Investment Property Performance When Leasing Vacant Premises

I get really annoyed when I see a leasing person marketing, negotiating and closing on a property lease with little regard to broader lease strategies that could improve the greater property performance.   Top agents don’t do that! Far too many leasing agents just negotiate a lease deal on a ‘singular’ basis; that is one tenant,…

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Commercial Real Estate Leasing – 6 Ways for a Tenants Agent Focus

When you work for tenants in commercial real estate the listings and the opportunities work in reverse.  You are the agent looking for the space that your tenant client needs.  You act for the tenant and they pay your commission.  That’s a good thing, however it is a specialised service. The logic works well if…

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Commercial Real Estate Leasing Agents – How to Find More Tenants and Achieve Your Leasing Targets

If commercial real estate leasing is your business then you have chosen a very lucrative part of the property market in which to specialise.  In saying that, the best leasing activities and commission opportunities are at the higher end of the property market; that being the good properties, larger leasing requirements, and the top companies…

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Commercial Real Estate Leasing Agents – Use Specific Landlord Reporting to Condition Your Clients

There are plenty of things to consider and watch in the leasing process.  Most commercial real estate landlords just want to find a tenant at a top rent without any deep consideration to the process and market conditions.  As property market specialists we know that there are quite a few other things to the leasing…

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Important Issues to Consider in Industrial Real Estate Leasing

In leasing an industrial property, take the time to fully understand the attributes of the asset and the rental and leasing requirements of the landlord.  There are sometimes unique circumstances and special occupancy issues to consider and merge into the leasing process.  The tenants that you talk to will have plenty of questions and you…

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