How to Take Control of Your Commercial Property Management Career and Future

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Commercial and retail property management are special parts of the property investment industry. They require special approach and therefore the right people with the knowledge and commitment to produce good results across the property types and the locations.   Rarely will you find a sales experienced person taking up a role in commercial or retail…

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New Business Toolkit for Commercial Property Leasing

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When you work as a commercial leasing specialist, you need a few tools and business processes to help you with tenant and landlord attraction, interaction, and conversion. You never really know when you will need to talk about leasing opportunities with either of those groups of people. Be prepared in every way possible for the…

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The 3 Key Elements of Shopping Center Management

shopping center performance

When you manage a shopping center, the things constantly happening in and around the property must be kept under control.  The typical retail property is like a large ‘ship’ or tourist vessel, where events are happening on a daily basis. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends in Commercial Real…

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The Insiders Guide to Growth of Commercial Property Management

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If you’re looking to grow your commercial property management department, you should do so from a base of deliberate marketing and client contact. Some management prospects or clients will move through sales and leasing activity throughout the year. That activity will be a good catalyst for a potential property management appointment. Ask the right questions…

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The Key Elements to Know in Researching Your Commercial Real Estate Market

hong kong harbour

I am still in Hong Kong, and just ending a workshop series on “Strategic Property Leasing” in both CBD Office buildings and Retail Malls across Asia.  It was a great program with some good quality ideas evolving about how we can work for Landlords at an advanced leasing level. My focus in Hong Kong was…

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6 Ways to Boost Your Leasing Results in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The leasing part of the commercial real estate industry is quite special in a number of different ways. You can work with the tenants, landlords, investors, and or large business owners. The leasing side of what we do will have an impact on all stakeholders. It is up to you to decide exactly who and…

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How to Sweeten Your Professional Services in Commercial Real Estate Leasing

In commercial real estate brokerage, the services that you are offering to the broader investment and business community should be specific and specialized. The basic services that you will provide will generally cover sales, leasing, and property management. You may also diversify into specialized services such as: Tenant advocacy Tenant representation Buyers agent Business services…

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Successful Team Structures in Commercial Real Estate Leasing

In commercial real estate leasing brokerage the team structure and approach to property market activity and client contact cannot be ignored; it can give you an advantage in the marketplace in any town or city. Respect the leasing market for what it is and build plenty of momentum exclusively specialising in the property requirements of…

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The Key Principles Behind Retail Shopping Center Performance Today

The shopping centre performance today is quite special and needs to be respected as such.  A small error in the performance plan for the property can result in sales decline and an increase in vacancies.  That can then flow through to the investment in many different ways. So what can you do? The requirements of…

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A Blueprint for a High Quality Commercial Property Management Budget

When you manage large commercial or retail buildings there are many important issues to consider as part of creating the annual property management budgets.  A good budget process will give you a reasonable level of asset control and help you with property decisions through the year. Your clients as landlords need to see what you…

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8 Ways to Improve Investment Property Performance When Leasing Vacant Premises

I get really annoyed when I see a leasing person marketing, negotiating and closing on a property lease with little regard to broader lease strategies that could improve the greater property performance.   Top agents don’t do that! Far too many leasing agents just negotiate a lease deal on a ‘singular’ basis; that is one tenant,…

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Essential Tenant Control Systems and Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Leasing and Property Management

If you are managing a commercial or retail property, you will know all too well that the tenants in occupancy can create or break the performance of the property for the landlord.  The greater the numbers of tenants that you have in the property mix the larger the control problem. There are many things to…

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How to Establish a Clear Market Position in Commercial Property Management

Commercial property management is quite different when compared to leasing and sales although the clients are similar.  In property management you are working with the client for the long haul.  Issues and strategies can take months if not years to bring to finality. The property management division of your business can serve a client for…

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How to Investigate Shopping Centers for Real Brokerage Opportunity

When you manage or lease a retail shopping centre you really do need to understand the prevailing market conditions, the property, and the level of competition around you.  That means a regular and full review of tenancy activity, shopping centre demand, and future retail projects.  Retail properties are impacted by some quite different key performance…

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Commercial Real Estate Leasing – 8 Ways Vacancies Create Plenty of Opportunity in Investment Property

A vacancy is a good thing in some investment properties today.  An empty tenancy space or upcoming vacancy will give you the chance to change or upgrade things within the property.  It will also give you the opportunity to move businesses and tenancies around into alternative locations. Vacancy management is a real strategy and a…

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Systems to Follow in Commercial Office Tower Property Management and Leasing

A commercial office tower is a complex asset to manage in more ways than one and requires the right person to undertake management.  Any mistakes and omissions can create costly outcomes on property income, occupancy, and risk management. Many cities and towns have office towers of one scale or another; they are great properties to…

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Effective Things to do in any Commercial Property Presentation

Commercial real estate brokerage today can be quite competitive when it comes to any listing opportunity and client presentation.  It is very common for a single listing opportunity to be tendered between numbers of agents. Beware of the client that demands too much as part of the listing process.  Difficult clients are those that typically…

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How to Improve Inbound Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Enquiry

Every agent or broker wants to create more inbound property enquiry.  When you have people talking to you, it is easier to influence property inspections and move towards negotiations with the right people.  Conversely if the telephone is not ringing then that can be the start of a series of brokerage problems, not the least…

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