Real Estate Prospecting Plan for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents

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If you want to get traction in your real estate business, a prospecting and new business plan is required at a personal level.  That can be difficult for some newer agents or brokers given that there are so many things to do each day.  In this video program, I want to share the systems behind…

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How to Successfully Canvass the Owners of High Quality Commercial Buildings

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When it comes to listings, one important fact should be understood and remembered in commercial real estate brokerage.  It is simply that high-quality buildings produce better levels of interest and enquiry and on that basis more inspections over time.  (NB – you can get plenty of prospecting and canvassing tips in commercial real estate brokerage in…

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Effective Strategies to Win Commercial Real Estate Listings and New Business

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In the role of a commercial real estate agent, take the time to understand what is happening in your property market and where things may be headed from a supply and demand perspective.  Look to the future for leads and ideas when it comes to property sales, leasing, and property management. (NB – get our…

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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Why You Should Invest Your Time with Accuracy and Precision

In commercial real estate brokerage your time is the most valuable resource that you have.  How you use your time will impact client connections and new business opportunities.  Unfortunately, it is far too easy to get diverted and distracted from the things that matter each day in commercial real estate brokerage. If you are struggling…

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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Look for the Local Property Changes to Find Better Listings

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The best way to find new commercial real estate listing opportunities is to look for properties and businesses going through change.  Small changes observed will lead to fresh strategies and opportunities for real estate agents and brokers. (NB – you can get more free sales training in Commercial Real Estate in our Snapshot program right…

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The Best Sources of Market Intelligence and New Business in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Today

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I like to gather market intelligence in commercial real estate brokerage.  The information that I can gather will help me to find the things that can be future new business opportunities across sales, leasing, and property management.  A keen eye and a questioning mind are also parts of the process and any consistent system that…

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Logical Street Canvassing and Prospecting Systems in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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In commercial real estate brokerage it is common to hear both new and experienced agents ask the question about how they can create more new listings.  Given that the property market changes during the year, constant focus on new business is required. Some agents struggle with the required momentum. Have you ever seen an agent…

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Commercial Real Estate Agents – Break Down the Property Cycles to Find Opportunity in Listings and Clients

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Commercial real estate brokerage is not complex.  It is a method of business that can be tracked and that tracking process can give you leverage to find new clients and listings.  New listings and clients can be found when you delve into the property cycles locally. (NB – you can get plenty of new business…

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How to Analyse the Commercial Property Market for Brokerage Opportunities in Sales and Leasing

When you work in commercial real estate brokerage, it is essential that you analyse the local property market consistently and continually. In doing that you can identify changes and pick the trends of change that can lead to more listings and better commissions. It is a fact that the property market will change frequently across…

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The 4 Essential Factors of Commercial Real Estate Agent Performance

Results that you achieve in commercial real estate brokerage will largely be driven by factors of personal performance. In essence to achieve good results in the industry you are bringing together personal stamina, mindset, and professional business skills. When you really understand that process, you can improve your focus and momentum in the market place.…

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Commercial Real Estate Agent Listing Opportunitity

As many commercial property markets adjust to the changing market conditions this year there are plenty of opportunities to be taken by the astute and active property agent.  Any property owners and businesses that were struggling during the GFC have largely sorted out their problems and issues; some have left the market or their industry…

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Commercial Real Estate Agents – Take Notes from Your Competitors

You can learn so much from the commercial real estate market when you watch the competition agents and brokers. Other real estate agents will leave clues as to how they do things in the market, their successes, and what struggles they have locally with listings and clients; in watching your competitors you can see what…

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Study Your Commercial Property Market for Opportunity

If you are to have a successful career in commercial real estate it will only come through directed effort and a lot of hard work at a personal level over the entire business year.  There will always be clients to serve and properties to work on, and they need to be found. Every town or…

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Rethinking Commercial Real Estate Agent Leadership

To win a good share of new business and the clients in commercial real estate brokerage, you really do need to be a leader or have the qualities of one.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a sole operator or a team manager, leadership skills are required. With this simple strategy, you bring real integrity…

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Detailed Cold Calling Systems Required in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, the cold calling process is essential to help you build market share.  In every location, town or city, there will be plenty of people to talk to over the telephone.  This prospecting process is not a replacement for personal contact and face-to-face meetings, it is however a good way of…

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What You Should Know About Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

The prospecting process in commercial real estate is a critical part of personal business growth.  Every broker or agent should have a solid and reliable prospecting system to take them forward each day with new leads and client opportunities. Whilst this sounds logical, it is a fact that many if not most brokers and agents…

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No Limits Prospecting in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Prospecting is at the centre of everything when it comes to commercial real estate brokerage.  For this reason, it needs to be a key part of your business model at a personal level.  Establish your prospecting model, and practice it every day.  Good things take time to perfect and refine; networking and prospecting is like…

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Addressing Ultimate Concerns and Questions in Commercial Real Estate Presentations

In commercial real estate brokerage, the clients that we serve will have concerns and questions relative to their property activity and choices of marketing.  As an initial strategy when working with all clients, make a priority to understand their challenges, and their questions.  You will need to address both of these issues in your proposal…

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