Resolving the Opportunities of the Tenant Mix in Shopping Malls

shopping mall and escalators

When it comes to leasing, and managing any shopping centre, take the time to establish and implement a tenancy mix and tenant retention process; it is a wise business strategy to use to boost property and retail performance. (NB – you can get plenty of tenant mix tips for retail shopping malls in our Snapshot…

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How to Enrich Your Commercial Property Management Fees

commercial property management chart

The strategy behind growing commercial property management fees will always be something separate and different to the commissions and the fees that you can get from sales and leasing activity.  Any real estate brokerage business plan and team structure should consider the different fee types and the unique strategies required to grow those channels of…

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The Advantage of Using Stories to Win Commercial Property Managements

Hong Kong harbour and high rise properties.

When you work with many different property clients in commercial and or retail property management, the information and the strategies that you share about other properties and situations locally can be of great value to winning the listing or closing on a transaction.  (NB – you can get plenty of property management ideas in our…

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Foolproof Strategies to Improve Shopping Center Performance

shopping mall and modern shops

Managing and leasing a retail shopping centre is not a natural process.  The right skills and knowledge are required, and particularly so to create the right investment results for clients. There are many things of a retail nature to understand and address over time. (NB – you can get our retail shopping center tips and…

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Commercial Property Leasing – Landlord Services

Hong Kong Harbour at sunset

When you look into the local property market and particularly at the commercial and retail buildings in your territory, you will see plenty of leasing opportunities and thereby landlords and investors to work with. In helping those special clients and their leasing needs today, there are many opportunities to be seized when it comes to…

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How to Appraise Shopping Center Opportunities

shopping center escalator

When you manage, lease, or own a retail shopping center, the property evaluation process is quite important.  Each year as part of the property business plan you can update the property review and see what has changed. (NB – you can get our retail and commercial property training here) You can see where things may…

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The Insiders Guide to Growth of Commercial Property Management

city high rise buildings

If you’re looking to grow your commercial property management department, you should do so from a base of deliberate marketing and client contact. Some management prospects or clients will move through sales and leasing activity throughout the year. That activity will be a good catalyst for a potential property management appointment. Ask the right questions…

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Easy to Follow Steps for Shopping Center Renovations

man standing outside shop

When you look at the different types of investment property in most towns or cities, retail shopping centres are the most active when it comes to renovation and upkeep.  That is simply because those property types must maintain customer interest and tenant occupancy to be successful as an investment vehicle. (N.B. these ideas are also…

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The 6 Keys to Transforming Commercial Property Performance for Your Best Clients

business graph

In commercial real estate today the activities of leasing and property management can help transform property performance over time. They are specialized services that you can and should build into your brokerage activities. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends in Commercial Real Estate Online Snapshot to help amplify brokerage…

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How to do a Vacancy Risk Assessment in Commercial Investment Property

cbd office building facade

The vacancies in any commercial or retail investment property will have a radical and direct impact on cash flow in many different ways. It directly follows that a vacancy assessment should be undertaken regularly as part of a property performance strategy and planning process. That can be part of a property management and or leasing…

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Strategies to Improve Shopping Center Performance and Marketing

A successful retail shopping centre will feature a good selection of tenants that are carefully matched to the customer profile and the location. Within the tenancy mix those tenancies as retailers will be placed in clusters to create sales opportunity and vibrancy. The retail vibrancy is something that encourages sales and customer interest. The tenancy…

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How to Improve Shopping Center Performance Factors and Retail Sales

Retail shopping mall and escalators

In retail shopping centre management today the presentation and appearance of the retail property in the eyes of both the tenants and the customers will be a fundamental fact that will influence sales and future rental potential. Ultimately everything of an ‘appearance’ nature is linked.  There is no other investment property type quite like it. …

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Systems to Follow in Commercial Office Tower Property Management and Leasing

A commercial office tower is a complex asset to manage in more ways than one and requires the right person to undertake management.  Any mistakes and omissions can create costly outcomes on property income, occupancy, and risk management. Many cities and towns have office towers of one scale or another; they are great properties to…

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Commercial Real Estate Leasing – How to Establish a Tenant Lease File and Why Do It

In commercial real estate property management and or leasing, you can develop a comprehensive lease file so that you can track individual tenancy issues and tenancy movements within a property.  That is how you can help your clients as investors and or business owners; that is also how you can find some extra commissions.  Your…

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Client Familiarity is Amazingly Effective in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage today you really do need to understand the client in a comprehensive and familiar way.  Over time the clients that you that you really understand and can comprehensively relate to are very likely to be those clients that give you new business opportunities, listings, and commissions. Make it your business…

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Commercial Real Estate Agents – What You Can Do with a Franchise Business List for Your City

In commercial real estate brokerage you can do a lot with a franchise business list.  Within that list you can find leasing and occupancy needs.  You can create that list from a bit of simple internet and business research.  Understand what franchise tenants need by way of property and then find it.  Are you up…

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The Things that Everyone Needs to Know About Shopping Center Management

The process of shopping center management is quite special.  Further to that fact, the people providing that professional service are critical to helping improve retail property performance.  There is a lot of skill and knowledge in shopping center management. If a retail property is struggling for any reason, one of the most common factors that…

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8 Reasons Why Commercial Real Estate Property Management is Needed Today

When it comes to property performance today, a commercial office building is quite complex and demanding.  There are things to control and manage and that is where a professional property manager is required; not some inexperienced landlord self-managing and trying to save money by doing things themselves. The variables of the building design, function and…

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