10 Laws of Signboard Marketing in Commercial Real Estate Agency

It is a fact of the commercial real estate market that the traditional signboard still remains the most effective and low cost marketing tool available.  When you put a signboard on a property for sale or lease, things start to happen.

The signboard lets local businesses and property owners know of the new listing.  After a new board has been erected it is usually in the first 2 or 3 weeks where the value of the process will be at its highest.  You will get calls from local property people.

So here are some rules that apply to signboard marketing.

  1. Get the best sign possible given the regulations that apply to the placement of a board on a property.
  2. Personalize the board to the property so it features the facts of the improvements and opportunities in purchase or lease.
  3. Get your name and mobile number onto all boards erected.  Building your brand is a big part of local marketing.
  4. Place a professional photograph on the board to feature the best aspects of the property.
  5. Use abundant ‘white space’ and a principle of ‘less clutter’ on the board design.  You want to create interest and not confusion in your property message.  Buyers and tenants can ring you for more information.  That then says that you will need a property code or reference number on the board to process the inquiry quickly.
  6. When you put up a board on a new listing, take a ‘flyer’ around to all the local businesses within 500 meters to spread the value of the marketing process.  You can also then find out more on the property needs of others in the area.
  7. Consistency in design should mean that you feature your logo and typical layout on all boards.  That is where the branding process gets important.  The buyers and tenants in the market should know your board design from a distance before they can read it.
  8. Use ‘v’ shaped signs on main roads and busy highways where you can optimize the exposure of the property to the market.
  9. With prime properties on main roads consider putting a light or some form of illumination on the signboard for capturing the eye of the passing traffic.
  10. Check your boards regularly for graffiti and damage.  Even though ‘damage’ is a problem of the precinct, it still sends the wrong message to buyers and tenants.

Here are a couple of key questions for you.  Do you know how many signboards you have in the local area?  Do you know your percentage of signboard market share as opposed to that of your competitors?  If not, you will need to do a ‘signboard run’ ever Saturday morning to see what is happening to the listing stock and your market share.

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