Here are 3 more commercial real estate training topics for real estate brokers and agents around the World. 1- The Best Source of Leads and Opportunities for Brokers, 2- How to prospect for new listings directly, 3- How to set property management fees for commercial buildings. These are commercial real estate training programs by John Highman.

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The podcast audio program today includes the following discussions:

1:45 The four best sources of leads and knowledge in commercial real estate brokerage
1:59 Looking for opportunity
2:10 Listing exclusively
2:15 Business churn
2:25 Chasing down ownership records
2:30 Talk to a lot of people
2:45 The 4 best sources of market activity
3:00 Local business owners
3:30 Contact methods
3:40 Tenants in a building
4:05 Use the directory boards
4:25 Successful tenants
4:50 Planning and development approvals
5:15 Public approvals process
5:25 Multiple sources of income
5:35 Property ownership records
6:10 Small and simple targets
6:20 Street canvassing
6:50 Tracking with a database
7:05 Ways of prospecting for listings
7:30 Prospecting processes
7:45 A good broker model
8:30 Understanding the last 3 years
9:05 Daily propecting activities
9:20 Brokerage support
9:30 Signboards on exclusive listings
9:45 Signboard presence
9:55 The internet today
10:05 Website based online listing marketing
10:15 Updating with content
10:25 Search engine focus
10:30 Writing articles for your commercial real estate website
10:45 A database portal
11:00 Two hours per day prospecting
11:10 Cold calling and door knocking
11:35 Listings are opportunities to talk to others locally
12:20 Personal prospecting model
12:40 Property management fees
12:55 The demands of each property
13:15 Fees based on work required
13:30 Property specific fees
14:00 Existing Leases
14:30 Requirements of the landlord in reporting
14:45 Difficult landlords
15:00 Monitoring critical dates
15:20 Leasing strategy
15:30 Tenancy mix, lease income, and expenditure activity
15:50 Income and expenditure budgets
16:10 Review the property fully
16:20 Understand maintenance requirements
17:10 Choose your property managers well
17:35 Setting fees

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