3 Effective and Direct Presentation Strategies to Convert More Listings in Commercial Real Estate

When it comes to building your property market momentum in commercial real estate brokerage, a good degree of branding and personal prospecting will be required.  To gain any reasonable levels of momentum and conversion as an agent or a broker, people need to remember you.

Why do they need you?

Understand that the local clients, the property owners, and the business leaders in the region need to remember you at the right time and in the right way, that is particularly when it comes to your property specialty and skills.  They need to identify you as a top agent for the task or the property challenge that they have.

There is absolutely no reason for you to be ordinary when it comes to the property market today.  There are plenty of competitive pressures around and other agents and brokers ready to take your business.

Stand out for the best reasons

Be prepared for the branding challenge, and make sure that your marketing efforts help you stand out as the top agent of choice for the location.  Consolidate your brand as a top agent at each and every opportunity on a daily basis.  Take that extra step when it comes to client contact and prospect relevance.  Make those extra calls, and create those extra meetings.

Brand positioning

So this is a specific marketing strategy where you need to resolve a branding solution that will help you consolidate market share and market awareness with the right people locally.  There are certain things that you can do to help the awareness evolve and grow over time.  Try some of these for starters:

  1. Better prices or rentals – every client likes to hear the sound of a better price or a better rental for the listing. That being said, don’t over inflate your price or rental expectations, but do comprehensively understand the achievable results that an effective marketing campaign and targeting process can bring with the property type and the property challenge.  Help the client see that the extra degree of marketing and targeting that you can offer them as part of the listing strategy will help when it comes to the potentially better price or rental outcome.  Most clients are realistic, however they are optimists, and that optimism needs to be supported by the agent or broker in the listing process.
  2. Shortening the time on market – develop some direct strategies that will help you shorten the time on market for the listing and for the client. Most clients like to have a quick and effective outcome to their property challenge.  How can you bring about a faster result for the client given the challenges of the property?  Determine a timeline that you can show the client as part of the listing process; that timeline will help you with the listing conversion and any client discussions or agreements..  Show them exactly how you are going to support their ultimate property targets.
  3. Strategies to generate more enquiries – show the client how you will be marketing the property directly and locally as required to the targeted segments of buyers or tenants. Provide some specific strategies that are outside of the generic process is offered by other brokers and agents.  Get personally involved with the listing and show the client how you will do that.  In that way you can be the leverage that the client needs to achieve a timely sale or lease situation.  Ultimately the client wants the best agent providing the best solution to their property challenge.  They don’t want their property to be an experiment in property marketing and they certainly don’t want the property to be on the market for too long.  Show the client exactly how you are the right person for the job, and how you will create more momentum and market coverage; potentially that can lead to higher levels of enquiry, so tell the client exactly how those factors come together with the strategies that you will apply to the listing.  Given them a commitment of your time to cover the targeted segments in the location, across all the local businesses, and investors.


These factors are quite simple, yet they are quite specific.  They are targeted at the clients in today’s commercial property market.  They are the branding solutions that will help you convert more listings in a competitive situation.

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