3 Essential Ways to Sell Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services Today

Commercial real estate today can be highly competitive in many towns and cities. On that basis several real estate agents will be working with the same client or attempting to attract and convert listings from the same client. That being said, it is essential that you stand out professionally and prolifically as a top agent of choice when it comes to certain property types within the location.

Help the local property investors and the business proprietors to remember you as the expert of choice when it comes to leasing, selling, and managing commercial investment property. Build your marketing strategy around regular and ongoing contact in a regular way. Spread the word at a personal level regards your expertise and relevance to the property type.

Specific Marketing Strategies

Here are some specific strategies to help you stand out as the agent of choice in your local area:

  1. Database – Connect with plenty of people consistently and regularly. Spread the word regards your professional skills and industry knowledge in doing so. Grow your database as part of that process and connect back with people in a systematic and regular way. There are many alternatives to consider when it comes to database software. Choose something that works for you, is economical, and is backed up automatically. The strength of your market share will be driven from regular ongoing contact with clients and prospects. The only way you can do that is through a professionally structured and activated database and CRM program.
  2. Listing successes – When you have achieved a positive result with a sale or lease appointment, spread the word through the local area and online. You can do that by using both success letters directly mailed to property owners and business proprietors, and also some industry case studies to be distributed through websites, social media and blogging activity. Providing you are not sharing any confidential information from the deal, the client applicable to the listing should not be overly sensitive to this marketing initiative. Every successful transaction will give you something to talk about locally.
  3. Signboards – Get plenty of signboards into your designated market location or sales territory. In the first instance it is wise to get those signboards placed on exclusive listings only and not open listings. Placing signboards on open listings can be a great waste of time and money. Show the property market (i.e. property owners, business owners, and other agents) that you can convert listings exclusively and on that basis encourage the enquiry to come back to you directly. Those signboards can be very valuable when it comes to advising the market of sale and leasing activity. It is very rewarding to put a sale or lease sticker on the signboard placed on one of your exclusively listed properties. Send the message that you are the top agent doing the deals locally.


Your strategies as a commercial real estate broker or agent do not need to be complex or expensive. They do however need to be direct and consistent; everything needs to be followed up at a personal level so that you can put a name to face. You want people remember you at the right time and certainly when they require the services of an expert in commercial real estate agent.

The marketing strategies that you use should allow you to talk each day to many fresh new people in a regular and ongoing way. Always remember that the successes of our industry are largely centred on the personal relationships established with other people and built over time.

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