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3 Facts to Improve Leasing Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you think about it, there are plenty of commercial property leasing opportunities in most towns and cities.  A leasing transaction can and usually will put you in front of business owners and landlords.  A single leasing transaction today can open up into many other things over time; it is just a matter of who your client may be and how you can service their needs.   (NB – you can get plenty of leasing tips for commercial property in our Snapshot program right here – its free)


Tenant and Landlord Services

Consider these special leasing services for starters:

  • Tenant advocacy
  • Rent review negotiations
  • Landlord leasing services
  • Project leasing
  • Vacancy marketing, etc.

To move into this part of the property industry, take a look at your database and information specifically relating to tenants and landlords.  How up to date is the information?  Would those local landlords know you as someone they can go to when they have a leasing challenge?

Let’s say that this part of the real estate business has attraction to you.  To get some reasonable traction in this segment of the industry set some rules like these:

  1. Work the prime property precincts and buildings.  The better buildings and locations will create good interest and inquiry over time.
  2. Street by street, get to know the local landlords for each of the investment properties.  You can stay in touch with those landlords for the challenges that they may have with vacancies and rents.
  3. Review the businesses in your location and choose to connect with the larger businesses that could need help with relocations, expansions, and business changes.

In this Special Report on Commercial Property Leasing, John Highman talks about the 3 big factors that can impact the leasing process.  You can get the report below:

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Leasing tips report by John Highman.


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