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3 Profitable Listing Tactics in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Certain things are better than others when it comes to growing your commercial real estate brokerage business.  Some of those things are also more important than others in the results that you seek.  When you understand those factors you can start to build your listings and commission business in the right way.

When you focus on quality listings, the results you seek start to grow.  It’s a simple known fact that those quality listings can:

  • Create more inbound inquiry from your marketing efforts
  • Put you closer to the better investors and business owners locally
  • Allow you to promote yourself on the back of high-quality property marketing campaigns

With a focus on ‘quality listings’, you can establish a set of strategies that can be very profitable for you in many different ways.

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The Right Listing Strategies

Here are some of the best strategies to work on:

  1. A database growth focus – your database is everything when it comes to encouraging new business at a personal level. Get to know a lot of people in the local area.  Help them to understand your relevance as a property specialist for the region; ultimately you want them to remember you at the right time.  Make it a target every day to talk to a good number of new people locally.  Find out what their property needs are in today’s terms and where they may be headed with property occupancy and or investment.  Well-crafted questions will help you move closer to real property solutions.
  2. The ratio between cold calling and meetings – given that you should be making plenty of cold calls every day, meetings should be generating from that process. The number of meetings that you create every day will help you build relevance with the right people.  Set some meeting targets so that you are creating two or three meetings per day with new people.  There is an important link here to be respected and tracked in the growth of your business.  It is the ratio between researching the right property people, making the cold calls, and creating meetings.
  3. Improve your telephone and conversational dialogue – through a simple amount of practice, you can improve your telephone dialogue and negotiation skills. When you talk to a good number of new people every day those communications skills will help you with the leverage that you need in the property market.  Your voice can be a valuable communication tool to encourage new client relationships and negotiation outcomes.

These three simple things are linked and are valuable processes to be nurtured in your commercial real estate business.

Understand the value of professional communication; take some real steps toward engagement in all of your business meetings and conversations.  Practice in communication and conversation will help take you to the top of the market.

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