3 Ways to Generate More Traffic for Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Website

In commercial real estate today a lot of the leads and opportunities that you generate will (or should) come to you from your website and or online activities.  A good strategic plan is required to make things work online.

So just how do you do this?  It is wise to do a number of things across multiple online portals, your social media activities, and your blogs or websites.  That is how you can lift brokerage and agent profiles online; ultimately that means more traffic online.  When you have more traffic you can potentially position your listings for enquiry.

Think in Reverse Online

Increasingly the clients and the prospects that we serve are connecting to agents through online and website activities.  To get anywhere with your profile and branding online, it is wise to think in reverse.  Understand what the people searching online would be looking for; build your online processes around those things.

The algorithms in all of the search engines are matched to the requirements of the searching public.  When you understand that fully, you can soon see and understand what you should be doing with your online business presence.  Ultimately if you get the equation correct and take more action within that process, then you will generate more traffic to your online portals, websites, and listings.  Most brokerages don’t do this very well simply because of a lack of understanding and or resources, so there are some massive advantages to be had here.

Set the online momentum

Here are some special ideas to help you get things started with this special approach to online marketing:

  1. Domain names – Choose your domain names for your websites based on location over branding. Yes, I know it is nice to have a website that is heavily branded to your franchise or business name, but remember what people are doing when they are searching for property locally.  They will be typing into the search engines a combination of property type, property need, and location.  Typically that will be something like ‘Newtown industrial property for sale’, or ‘Newtown medical premises for lease’.    It is a very productive strategy to set one or more website domain names to your location and business type.
  2. Give away free stuff online – When you establish a website portal, give away some ‘freebies’ in exchange for a person giving you their email address and joining your database and online community. Make sure that the ‘freebie’ is of high value and relevant to your target audience.  You can easily create a pdf report to be sent out to people online as they subscribe to your database.
  3. Establish local content – Ultimately the people that you want to attract to your business will be locally biased. They may want to sell, lease, invest, or manage property.  Put plenty of fresh content on to your website on a regular basis.  That content should be focused on location and property type.  The search engines will soon see your relevance through high quality information on your website or portals.

The key to making all of this work online is regularity.  The best online marketers understand that updated and fresh information loaded online is something that is required; a few uploads and articles per week loaded to your brokerage website and or blog would be a good thing.

When you drill down with your online content into property types and locations there are plenty of things you can create and use as connection pieces.  Ultimately you want to service and attract your clients and prospects with great information.

You can get more marketing tips in our eCourse ‘Snapshot’ right here.

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