4 Guaranteed Ways to Ramp Up Your Marketing in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Marketing will always be a big part of property promotion in sales and leasing brokerage.  That being said, there are many different ways to approach the process.  There is no point in being ordinary in your marketing efforts unless you are working with ‘open listings’.  Any client that gives you (and every other agent in your location) an ‘open listing’ is really inviting problems for themselves in both delay and confusion.

Here are some marketing notes taken from ‘Snapshot’.

Types of Listings?

Let’s face one important fact here.  An ‘open listing’ is a low quality listing in every way and form.  You have a choice as to whether you would want to take on such a listing; my view is you should not take it on unless something unique is on offer and you have a few buyers and or tenants to introduce to the property.  You are cheapening your professional services by applying yourself to such clients and poor quality listings.  Top agents don’t work ‘open listings’, that’s the rule.

The Best Listings to Market?

So let’s get back on track.  If you take on an ‘exclusive listing’ then the marketing process deserves to be of high quality and specifically targeted.  You should also have vendor client funds to pay for the campaign.  Here are 4 ways to specifically ‘ramp up’ or boost your marketing campaign for better levels of enquiry:

  1. Position the property specifically into a target market – When you position the property you make the promotional process easier; you have specific things that you can say to attract the eye of the reader. Work your listing deeply into the target market segment.  Talk to a lot of people about the property and its advantages.  Assess the feedback and comments that you get back.
  2. Segment your marketing both online and offline – It is always questionable as to where the best levels of property enquiry will come from given any specific property listing and location. If you track your promotional efforts both online and offline across good quality listings, you will know the best channels of promotion that seem to be working for you.  When you know the answer, do more of that marketing.  Test and measure is a good way of approaching property marketing.
  3. Do some direct promotions – When you start your property campaign, take the listing into a location and ‘meet the people’. Use the listing as a reason to talk to ‘the locals’.  Ask them about their property needs and the things that they have seen happening locally with other nearby properties and businesses.  There will be leads and opportunities that you can find and work on from that process.
  4. Use 3 different layouts of promotional copy – When you have a good quality listing to focus on, create and use some variations on advertising layout and promotional copy. That variation will generally create more enquiries for you, and from the trends and feedback you will also see some better ways of promotion that you can focus on to lift enquiry conversions.

These 4 simple strategies help your property stand out as a quality listing in a location.  Ensure that all of your property promotions on exclusive listings are well crafted using these strategies.

You can get more advertising and marketing tips for commercial real estate brokerage in our eCourse ‘Snapshot’ right here.

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