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4 Stages of Developing New Behaviors in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you have been working in commercial real estate for even the shortest period of time you will soon know that modified habits are required if you want more new business and the opportunity to grow your client base and commissions

So you have a choice here; you can do things the fast way or the slow way.  The choices you make are important.

So let’s look at some facts to help you understand all of this.

  1. Sales, leasing, and property management are all specialized parts of the industry.  You can learn a lot about each.  The same can be said about retail leasing and shopping centre management.  If you are determined to making this industry a big part of your life and future, look at how you can improve your knowledge and skill base.  Research the knowledge and grow your skills.  Practice every day will help you with that growth.
  2. Your old habits or behaviors are likely to be a help or a hindrance when it comes to building your real estate business opportunities.  In most cases your previous skills and habits will not be sufficient to take you forward as a top agent.  Other things will need to be learned and improved at a personal level.  Self-belief is a good start, but action is required.  There is an old saying that is worth remembering here and it is ‘The fish won’t jump in the boat without a reason’.
  3. A big part of our industry depends on getting to know new people; that requirement for prospecting and database growth doesn’t come easily for most salespeople.  That is where new daily habits are really important.  Choosing to improve your skills is a personal process that is critical to building your property market results.  It doesn’t matter how long you have been in the industry; always learn and grow your skills.  Practice every day.
  4. To move forward in this way, decide what it is that you want from the business and look to focus your efforts.  Choose the brokerage office and location that will give you a solid foundation or brand in your town or city.  It is difficult to start prospecting for new business when you work for an obscure brokerage that people have not heard about.  In that case you will spend far too much of your time selling your brokerage brand before you can even talk about the things that are important to the client contact.

These four simple concepts hold the secrets to growing as a commercial real estate expert and agent.  Make the right choices and understand that effort at a personal level is now needed from you.

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