4 Ways to Get Better Marketing Results in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Chart

The things that we do in commercial real estate all hinge around listings, clients, prospects, and promotion.  So when you consider these things a bit deeper, you soon see that the way to build your real estate business is to focus on marketing first and foremost.

There is an old saying in our industry that goes something like ‘You can’t sell a secret’.  It is a bit of an overused term now particularly so with listings and property promotion, but the logic is relevant and real for individuals just as much as it is for property listings.  When you take that logic back to all the things that you are doing now in the industry, consider how you are evolving your brand as a commercial real estate specialist.  (NB – you can get our real estate marketing tips in Snapshot right here – its free)

Frequently I like to share this marketing chart with my friends online and around the world so they can consider how they are placed with the traditional ‘4 P’s of Marketing’ in brokerage.   If you have any weaknesses in your real estate business now, there is likely to be a weak link in one of the ‘4 P’s’.  Try the promotional test; compare the facts.

Here is the real estate marketing chart for you to download as a PDF.


marketing chart for commercial real estate brokers
The 4 Factors of Marketing in Commercial Real Estate

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