5 Ways to Boost Your Sales Plan

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Every broker or agent should have a sales plan that takes into account market trends, personal efforts, and available listing stock.  It sounds logical, but most agents and brokers don’t help themselves with simple initiatives like a sales plan.

It is a known fact that the property market changes substantially through the year, so the plan will also need to change.  A good way to achieve that is with monthly assessments of KPI’s and adjustments to local area marketing.

Take your commercial real estate business to the next level with a sales plan that takes into account these things:

  • Local enquiry
  • Business sentiment
  • Your property speciality
  • Available listing stock
  • Your targeted clients
  • Your property knowledge

In this audio program you can hear more about this business strategy, and then build your personal sales plan as a specialist broker or agent.  Boost your commissions and listings by strengthening your plan over the months of the year.  Learn more about that here:


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