5 Ways to Get Your Prospects to Connect with You

In commercial real estate brokerage, you want your prospects to remember you at the right time when they need property help. That is the time when they need help with sales leasing or property management activity.

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So what do you want?  You want them to call you as the specialist for the location, and someone that can help them with the solutions they need as part of property ownership or investment. Connecting with prospects in a regular and ongoing way will help you build a level of relevance and specialty with the prospects that you work with.


So who are your prospects?


Who are you connecting with now? There are always plenty of prospects in the local area to work with. Finding them is the first part of the process; communicating with them regularly is the second and perhaps more important part of the process. Put yourself into your prospects thoughts and property needs. Relevancy and specialization will help you achieve that level of status.


Local Area Focus


So how can you get your prospects to connect with you when they need this local property help? Here are some ideas to position you prominently and deliberately as the local commercial real estate specialist:


  1. Locally-based Newsletters – when you look into your location there will always be plenty of things to talk about and write about. You can create newsletters to circulate within your database consisting of images, articles, and statistical updates for the location. In doing that, you show yourself as the expert for the location. When you have achieved a positive result for a location, write about it and talk about it.
  2. Case Studies Relating to Particular Property Types – a case study is most particularly something that talks about recent sales and leasing activity for a location. You can explain how you took a property to the market, encouraged inspections, and achieved a positive outcome for the client. There are always plenty of people looking to understand the results of recent sales and leasing activity. Understanding the relationship that you have with your clients, you will need their approval to talk about the transaction in a public way. Normally that is not a problem.
  3. Social Media Coverage – just about every broker or agent will understand how to use the various channels of social media. That being said, most brokers and agents are very ordinary when it comes to relevant and professional content distributed through social media channels. If you got something to say as part of a social media dispatch, say it well and provide the necessary support statistics, images, and editorial. Anything you say on the social media channels should be specific to the location and the property type. Anything placed into the Internet should be focused within the keywords relative to your location and property specialty.
  4. Local Area Updates – understand your local area and the precincts within it from a property perspective. Certain precincts should be a priority for you when it comes to local area updates and information to be circulated. When there has been a successful sale or lease within your brokerage for a popular precinct, prepare the information for dispatch within your database and within your qualified list of prospects.
  5. Special Listing Releases – some listings can be circulated into your database prior to the commencement of the general marketing campaign. The strategy can also feature as part of your listing pitch with any new clients seeking to resolve a leasing or sales problem. Make sure that you are circulating your priority listings to the qualified tenants and buyers in your database before any other general marketing campaign commences. Special listing releases can give you the edge when it comes to a client presentation or property promotion.


So there are some definite things that you can do to encourage your prospects to connect with you regularly and frequently into the future. Be relevant and real in all of the communications that you apply to the people in your database. Be prepared to talk about the property solutions and strategies relevant to your property market today.

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