6 Ways You Can Build a Trusted Reputation in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Most commercial real estate transactions are based on trust.  The same can be said for client relationships.  Over time the levels of trust that you can establish with your clients and prospects will be critical to the listings and commissions generated.

If you want to rise to the top of your market above all other agents, then have a good look at what you are doing now to build that foundation of trust with the people in your database.

Your current client base assessment?

Have you established a group of ‘VIP’ prospects and clients that would know you well and understand your high value to them in any property transaction?  Are you viewed in a positive way as the local agent or broker of choice?

It is not a difficult equation to understand.  The benefits are large if you can market yourself around the client contact logic and a clear message of ‘trust’.  Why should a client ‘trust’ you?  Knowledge, relevance, and market coverage are good places to start.

So where do you start this?

Here are some specific ideas to help you get this started:

  1. Feature properties – Be known for listing, selling and leasing the feature properties for the region. To achieve that status you will have to look at your prospecting model and efforts.
  2. Outstanding signage – Get your signboards onto all of your feature properties and ensure that the signboard is special in every respect. Get away from ‘generic’ signs.  Stand out as the agent with the best signs.
  3. Thought provoking editorials – If you have a good quality property to market, work up an editorial that tells a local story. Talk about the property and its local relevance.  Pull in the interest of the reader with eye catching photographs and special messages.
  4. Select listings – Work your listing stock ‘exclusively’. That focus will help you greatly when it comes to pulling in other listings, clients, and transactions.  If you provide the best marketing and client service, it stands to reason that you will attract the right people.
  5. Complete market knowledge – It is one thing to know a lot about the local property market; it is another to let your clients see it and understand the relevance of that to them. Use charts, statistics, photographs, and testimonials to support your listing and client presentations.
  6. Thorough marketing – Every listing will have a target market. If you are converting your listings ‘exclusively’ then you should spend a lot of time on the marketing process into the local area.  Make your marketing campaigns thorough and comprehensive in every respect.  Stand out as an ‘expert marketer’.

These strategies will help you stand out as the best commercial real estate agent in your local area.  You can also build a ‘trusted reputation’ from working in this way.  Think about your personal marketing processes in this way.

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