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Engagement and accuracy are key factors in pitching for listings in commercial real estate brokerage.  Plan your top property presentations so you can convert more clients and build your market share.

When you have been a real estate agent or broker for a number of years, your versatility and confidence in a property presentation rise significantly.  You will still not win all of your presentations because there are some things that you just cannot control, but you should be winning a greater share of your ‘property pitches’ than your competitors.

Broker Experience Shows

A good agent doesn’t need many support tools for a high-quality presentation.  What they say and how they say it will have a major impact on the outcomes with prospects and clients.   So here are some tips to help you do that in a positive and powerful way:

  1. Your client will want to choose the right agent with the best marketing ideas and market coverage.  Sometimes a personal relationship between another agent and the client will ‘shift the balance’ of the final decision of the client.  Think about the variables with both the client and the property so you can show your relevance to the client with solving their property challenge.
  2. It is hard for a client to ignore market dominance and experience with a property type. Make sure that your messages are clear on these things.
  3. Most of the property presentation should be about the client and their property; not about you and your sales team.  Bias the conversation in all respects towards the client.
  4. Make recommendations based on sound information from the market.  Use the market trends to support your ideas and proposals.  Give the client some choices when it comes to the final decision.  Most clients like to make choices based on logic.  It’s your opportunity to show your skills in structuring good logical alternatives for the client to consider in price, rent, methods of marketing, and negotiations.
  5. Understand the client’s current property situation as that will have some impact on the proposal and the marketing structure that you create.  There are some great tools to use in any proposed property promotion.  Choose the right ones that create quality enquiry from the market.
  6. Know the trigger points from the local property market that can be fed into the promotion of the listing.  Can you specifically talk about a few critical strategies that will be very important to property marketing?
  7. Put yourself into the promotion of the listing.  If you get an exclusive listing, personally take it to the business community and the local property investors.  In doing that you will get many comments and valuable market intelligence that you can use later on.

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