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In the commercial property market today there will always be plenty of clients, commissions and listing opportunity to be had by most agents and brokers in most towns and cities.   Open up your opportunities.  Getting into your zone or precinct each day will help you find things.  Systematically move through your property precinct and identify key buildings, properties, investors, and prospects.  Logical systems find things in brokerage.

Where do you start?  Systems support momentum, and there are also some things you can do with each property listing to lift the enquiry potential.  In today’s video, you can learn how to do that effectively.


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Create Your Strategic Real Estate Plan

Each category of property will have churn and activity to be converted into fresh new listings and transactions; the secret to getting results is in seeing the next opportunity and then matching people and property situations into that.  That is where the best commissions come from; the transactions from matching people and circumstances.  Plans and strategies will be factors of choice for every agent and broker.  Every agent should have a specific plan of client engagement and listing coverage that they implement every day.  It should be said here that you will be busy; that is the way things are, but the rewards are many.

Here are some ideas today to help you structure a strategic plan in commercial real estate brokerage in both sales and leasing. Drive your business forward through this listing strategy.

If you can organise yourself with every listing and marketing campaign, you will find more opportunities when it comes to buyers, tenants, and enquiry. Always choose the listings of quality and the clients of stability. That’s how you put some solid foundations into your commercial real estate brokerage activities and plan.

Get to the marketplace with the ideas in this particular video about producing systems to drive your commercial real estate business forward. Work to the systems and the opportunity. There will be plenty of people to talk to and properties to locate. Some transactions take time to tap into, however, systems will retain the momentum for you. This video will help you with that.


Listing Quality and Exclusivity Matters

A good agent will look for the segmented opportunities and the changes coming up; they will then modify prospecting and new business actions accordingly.  In saying that, a good agent will always focus on quality listings in top locations.  Exclusivity is a critical part of the way we must grow market share and control it.  When you pitch for a listing, put exclusivity into the process and make sure the client knows why that is the case.  If you have comprehensively sold your listing recommendations, then the exclusive listing process shouldn’t be that hard.


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