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Essential Leasing Tips for a Retail Food Court

A successful and varied food court in a retail shopping centre can be a real attraction factor for your customers and shoppers. The tenant mix in the food court should be a ‘magnet’ for customers to visit and stay longer in the property. Better tenants and attractive fit outs or signage sustain the interest of…

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A Blueprint for Highly Effective Real Estate Marketing

The commercial real estate market today is quite competitive. For that reason, the marketing campaigns structured for investment and leasing activity should be very specially considered and deployed. In this video, we share some specific marketing ideas to help you promote your next property listing more effectively and directly to the right target audience. Take…

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How to Inspect and Appraise a Commercial Property

In this video today we share a checklist approach to help real estate agents inspect and appraise the sale or leasing opportunities in commercial property. Include these ideas in your property checking process. There are all types of investment property today. The categories of office, industrial, and retail property are special by nature require a…

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Developing a Real Estate Listing Advantage Today

Have you ever wanted a source of new listings? Given that the property market is changing, new listings are a good thing. It is interesting to notice that many real estate agents and brokers struggle with having very few or no listings at all, despite receiving a high volume of inquiries from prospective buyers and…

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How to Achieve Top Marketing Impact in Real Estate

The real estate market is changing again, and you would expect it to given the trends of last couple of years. To adjust to the new property market, as an agent, think about your marketing impact and what you can do with it. The fact is that the property market doesn’t disappear, it just changes,…

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Progress Plan for Real Estate Agents

In commercial real estate and particularly the brokerage part of what we do, the best agents have a progress plan that they can work too. How do they do that? They know that the program is something that takes their efforts forward and that plan is reliable and encouraging. It is time to think about…

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