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A Commercial Property Management Report with a Professional Edge

In managing commercial real estate, the month-end report that you create and provide is fundamental to your professional property control and ongoing strategy.

In some smaller single-tenant properties, the report that you create for your clients at month-end can be simple in many respects. However, in multi-tenanted buildings such as office towers and shopping centres, there are plenty of things to talk about and check off in your report. Let’s help with that.

Key Issues to Cover in Your Reports

Show your skilled approach to property and tenant control. Cover off on all things of a financial and physical nature. That will include

  1. Lease documentation
  2. Vacancy controls
  3. Tenant communications
  4. Income status reports
  5. Expenditure decisions and spending
  6. Budget reports
  7. Leasing, PLUS a lot more

In this chart, we give you the key topics to cover in larger properties under management. Review the chart here for Commercial and Retail Property Management reporting and add any items you are missing to your current report format.

commercial and retail property management report format
Covering the important issues of a commercial or retail property management report.

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