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A Competitive Advantage Formula for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are six different factors in commercial real estate brokerage that can give you a competitive advantage. When you break it down like that, and in a chart like this, you can see where you can create your ‘edge’ and individual focus in commercial property activities.

The message is that you can do more and convert more new business if you take a deliberate approach of being different in your real estate activities.

Mindmap Solution for Competing

So what are the six different factors you can work on? Try these for starters and then check out the chart to download to help you.

  • Deep and direct area coverage in connecting with people
  • Setting up targeted contact systems in your location
  • Providing best and better methods of sale or lease for your clients
  • Choosing methods of marketing that comprehensively engage with people
  • Using your database of contacts and the list for promoting and building transaction momentum
  • Setting timelines to campaigns in your real estate listing processes

When you do things in this way you can see how you can be better in your brokerage focus and listing engagement. Don’t take the generic approach in your real estate business. Do more and see more involvement in your listings. Here is the mindmap chart to help you consider your formula for real estate advantage. Click the image to get your PDF download.

competitive advantage mindmap
Get your mind-map download here for a competitive advantage in brokerage.

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