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A Guide to Getting More Clients in Commercial Real Estate Now

As the property market shifts and changes, the systems of contact that you use in your real estate business will be the ‘backbone’ of the growth of market share and listings.

In today’s podcast, we give you some facts and ideas that you can use in your real estate day, specifically to find those clients that you are looking for.

Expect that you will be seeing new people emerge into the property market with requirements of buying, selling, and or leasing. So how do you find them? Try the ideas in this podcast and reach out with new conversations and information.

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Work with the Property Changes

The property market is resetting with fresh prices and yields as well as rents. We don’t set the prices or rents, but we do work with them.

As you gather the information around you of new transactions and leasing or sales activities, keep the property information at your fingertips to show your clients and contacts what is happening.

In many cases now, the property market is sales active, and it just comes down to the stock that you may have. Listing inventory is now critical to the growth of market share.

So, what are the ‘rules’ now in commercial real estate brokerage? The number one rule should be in talking to more people each day and ensuring that you are spending most of your day doing that. Use the telephone to start and create new conversations with people that can use your help.

Commercial Real Estate Winning Ideas

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