A Guide to Leasing Success in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are many ways to make a leasing service part of your career in commercial and retail real estate today.  In this audio program, learn some of those ways to create the leasing model in your real estate career.  Grow your connections with Landlords and Tenants and provide some deep and direct solutions for finding premises and resolving vacancy issues.

Where can you start with this?  You can make some valuable client connections and commissions from and in the ‘tenant advocacy’ side of our property business.  There are plenty of large businesses in most towns or cities that have leasing needs and priorities.  It also takes them a reasonable amount of time to move, contract, or expand premises.  That is where you can step in and provide the ‘expert help’.

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Leasing Solutions for Local, National, and International Businesses

You can provide this specialist solution in your commercial real estate market.  Does this interest you?  Think about your city and all the contained companies in your territory.  Consider the larger businesses and larger properties.

What are the most successful and thriving industry segments in your location?  They are full of the people and companies to focus on with this unique and important business-based service.  Here are some topics to build your leasing services around:

  • Tenant placement in vacancies and new projects
  • Business relocation into newer buildings or different precincts
  • Expansion of business operations for companies and corporations
  • Contraction of business units or a change of business site operations
  • Relocation of premises to a  timed requirement centred on end-user markets, customers, and raw materials


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