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A Guide to Providing Better Commercial Property Management Services

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There are things that you can do in commercial and retail property management that will help you optimize your services to your clients and the current market conditions. That then can lead to more fees for service. In the podcast today you can learn about those ideas within the special topics below.

Mix and Match Services

What you should remember here is that most property owners and investors do not have the time or the systems to self manage their property or portfolio. To win their business it is all about matching the client’s priorities and property challenges to the management tools that you have at your disposal.

Where can you start with that? There is no point in providing ‘generic’ property management services. Always set your pointers on improving these issues (plus any others the client situation may create):

  • Vacancy reduction
  • Lease management
  • Tenant placement
  • Rental improvement
  • Expenditure controls
  • Risk controls
  • Business planning the asset over time

There are plenty of property management tools and software programs that you can use as part of that. Test out a few and see what matches your property types and client base. Here is the podcast show about commercial property management services.

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