industrial property information by John Highman

When you are to list an industrial property for sale or lease, there are different things to investigate. Those issues are usually in the categories of the lease, the improvements, property design, occupancy, and precinct.

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In this video today we share some ideas so you can build your inventory of items to list any industrial property in your location. Work around the facts whilst investigating ideas including these below:

  • A manifest of property improvements
  • A layout of the warehouse and office areas
  • Diagrams of the positioning of improvements on the land
  • Access points to and from the property
  • Services and amenities relative to the site and business operations
  • Lease and tenant detail
  • Income and expenditure analysis from the property today and historically
  • A table of comparable properties in the zone and the prices and rents in each case
  • plus more

Here is the video to start you on the process of industrial property research and analysis: