A Listing Routine that Pulls in More New Business

When you do a listing presentation in commercial or retail property, it pays to have a system covering the property type and location.  Every submission should be tuned to the place and the local area and that is something that you can do yourself. 

Do you want a ‘competitive edge’ in your property market?  Look at what you are doing with and saying your clients as you talk about listing strategies.  It’s not just about what media choices you will use in your property submission to a client, but more about what you will do in working on the listing to solve the client’s property challenge.

Elevate Your Listing Strategy

When you have this ‘listing system’ operational, it is then more natural for you to convert the client to the facts of the location and how their property fits into the current market conditions

What can you do? You can talk about the property more comprehensively and directly.  No longer are you a ‘generic agent’; you can leave the ‘generic’ parts of our business to those agents that want to take on ‘open listings’.

commercial real estate brokerage listing chart
The matters to question and review in listing a commercial property.

What Can Be Different in Listing Properties?

What would you talk about and show as part of your ‘listing system’?  Try some of these unique ideas:

  1. Supply Photos of properties on the market in the general location, and stories about how those properties are being marketed.  It is easy to put those photos in the ‘cloud’ for access at any time when you are talking to a client or prospect.  Segment those photographs into property types and locations.  You can then use your tablet or mobile phone to access the photos for displaying a point or a comparison to the client; that will be about their property and showing them what is going on in the overall location.
  2. Provide unique alternatives for marketing with different media channels and budgets.  Clients like to have choices when it comes to spending money on marketing.  Again, with this process, you can put some photos in the ‘cloud’ of media alternatives and examples from other properties.  Add to this concept, the fact of using a ‘timeline’ in the form of a staged campaign budget of promotion for the client’s property.  Put examples together of just how you can do more with the client’s property to promote the features of the asset and the opportunity of a sale or lease situation.
  3. Devote some thought to a specific strategy that taps into a target audience of people that may want to buy or lease the property.  Tell the client how you (with that particular strategy) can effectively reach out to that audience given the current market conditions; don’t rely on just marketing money and the chosen marketing channels.  Put yourself into the marketing process and show the client your planned commitment to property promotion.
  4. Use your client list and your database to connect with the right people for the property comprehensively.  If you are contacting new people every day, then your database list should be healthy and useful when it comes to promoting a particular property in any sale or lease situation.  Show the client your shortlist of people that will be contacted about the new property coming into the market.

Comprehensive information and local market knowledge will always help you with the correct listing momentum and potentially close on an offer.  Preparation is the key to getting a result.  Show the client that you are prepared and ready to spend deep and meaningful time on their property in a valuable way.  When you do this well, you should win the listing. 

graphs and diagrams of commercial real estate agency
Marketing tips, Team Performance Charts

Commercial Real Estate Marketing is Not Experimental

The marketing of commercial real estate today for sale or lease is not an experiment or trial.  Give the client some bright ideas of how your strategies and procedures in marketing are so relevant to the property market today. 

Are you ready to do these things to take your real estate business forward? Ask for exclusivity as part of the listing engagement.  That is a fundamental rule.  Enjoy the momentum and exceptional results in your real estate business.

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