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New business generation in commercial real estate is something that takes or requires a systematic approach at a personal level. In today’s podcast, you can learn how to get more activity around you in a positive way.

To get a reasonable market share around you in commercial real estate brokerage you should consider your daily efforts and actions. Set some foundations of action that you can stick to each day. That rule alone will create more change and opportunity for you.

  • Follow the rules of new business development and set some of those rules for yourself based on your market, the building types, and the client categories in focus.
  • From simple conversations, leads and listings evolve for you, so start talking to more people.
  • Proceed into your real estate business with a plan. Stick to the plan at all times and refine it when you can see new channels of change. Change in our industry leads to new business.
  • Listings and client leads happen with an approach of constant contact into the local area.
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So Where Do You Start This?

Understand what you are doing and not doing from a new business perspective. Understand the things that are wasting your time and remove them from your diary. From that point on or the information gained it is just a matter of taking leads and results from that property change.

Some agents and brokers never change their ‘problem’ habits, and on that basis they struggle for their entire career. Things don’t need to be that way. Respond to the pressures and the changes that you can find in the property market. That’s the rule. Here is the podcast to help you with that.

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